Where is the best country to live/best Citizenship to have? Why?

Please answer with a source if possible

The USA! Forget any wussy european country.

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  1. Just here to see the answers, because I’m moving out of America as soon as I have the money…
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  2. Probably Switzerland, it takes about 13 years to be a citizen because they don’t allow Terrorists or Jihadists to live there.

    Now America lets anyone in! Opens the borders for Terrorists to come in! Obama stopped building fences and is Suing states that want to keep TERRORISTS out.
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  3. Canada!

    The government gives you money if you don’t have work.

    Free insurance too!

    The wait times for doctors are ~the same as in America, because they have a smaller population

    The people there aren’t bigots like American rednecks, they are very friendly

    Cons: High Taxes
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  4. Judging from the millions of people who are risking their lives to get there, the United States must fit that description.
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  5. The Rocky Mountains.
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    There’s more to life than economic systems, gotta have fun.

  6. SWEDEN !

    Pros :
    You get free hospital care, no waiting times.
    If you don’t have a job you get money and apartement from the state.
    Most people speak English.
    It is free to study at elementary school, high school and university.
    Only 9 million people, on a pretty big surface.
    Thousands of lakes, loads of forest + we have the sea.

    Cons :
    Cold winters, right now we have – 17. (and I live in one of the warmest parts)
    People can be pretty cold too.. They are friendly, but basicly people don’t talk to each other.
    Takes 5 years to become a citizen.
    Pretty expensive country though.
    And among the worlds highest taxes..

    Check it out dude 😀

  7. The USA is a shit hole, guns, drugs, major unemployment, and don’t look after you unless youve got money, general love themselves attitude, people laugh at this outside of the US, I thought people are trying to get out of the US, come to Australia

  8. Lived in Europe and now in the U.S. and I cant wait to get the hell out of here, Europe is nice but price and tooo freeking colddd…… The U.S. its not what it used to be and yeah… the walls that they build are in the wrong side… mexicans or guatemalans are only gonna bomb you with carrots or tomatoes .. duhhhh….. but I was looking into going Downunder…. but it seems that I might need to learn to scuba first…. what part of Australia Anthony?

  9. Canada !!!!!!!!!!! voted the greatest country for national parks (beauty) most canadian stereotypes are more than very wrong, coast to coast to coast, most lakes in a single country in the world, most photographed lake (moraine lake), good health care, long trains, good people, hockey lacrosse and ski superstars, 2nd largest country( largest in one continent), rocky mountains, great lakes, allies with over 80 countries, best army snipers in the world , we also hold the longest sniper killshot at 2.5 km

  10. HAHA what a joke. You are a typical close-minded American…stuck in the poor illusion that America is the only country in the world.
    I live in America right now, and I’ve also lived in three other European countries. Let me just break the news to you that the US is run by greedy Captains of Industry and corrupt politicians. And if you’re not the CEO of a business in America, you’re probably one of the corporate slaves.
    Get out while you still can. They’re in the process of building a northern fence and a southern one, you think it’s to protect you? The government is going to crack down so hard that there won’t be a chance for the middle class to survive or leave.

  11. I agree. Ive lived in this hell hole called the United States of America all my life. Ive struggled and can never get ahead. My downfall is that I was born in the wrong era. In the 60’s a house would cost 6 thousand dollars and the average salary was 20 thousand a year…now a house costs 750 thousand dollars and the average salary is 50k..in Pennsylvania, there is more oil then Saudia Arabia. (look it up, its true). this stupid country ran by shit eating rats, is selling the land to China! Everything is made in china!..we give hundreds of millions of dollars to Haiti (not that I have anything against Haiti) for what?..we have people out of jobs..losing their homes, and we give money to other countries..GREAT JOB!!..China has more money and more power then us, why? because WE made them that way. I once was a proud American. I hate this country. We say that we are fighting terrorism over seas..WE HARVEST MORE TERRORIST THEN ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD…we school them, we train them and feed them..and we all pay for it thru our taxes

  12. Its UnitedStates offcourse, the best country to live in.
    4th largest country, 235 years of independence, Ample of opportunities, Technologically advance, Worlds largest GDP.
    World economy is worth 72 trillion$. US with 15 trillion$.
    Can anyone imagine world without USA, where 25 percent of the worlds output of goods and service takes place!!
    Even all the theories till 2050 says that out of all develop economies its only UnitedStates and Japan are going to remain competitive i.e US at no 2 and Japan at 8 or 9. None of the European Countries are in 1 to 9.
    Without Doubt Its USA for me.
    Imagine life without coke, apple i phone, i pod, computer, internet, GM,FORD,Chevy, Hersheys, M and M’s, Snickers. Burgers, fries, Apple pies!
    You are kidding me!!!! ITS UUUUSSSSSSSSAAAAAAAAAAA for every reason!

  13. The 400 Richest Americans Are Now Richer Than the Bottom 50 Percent Combined Says it all really.
    In recent CIA fact book report I am afraid Australia topped the list of top countries to live in. USA was held back by poorer educational standards , higher infant mortality and massive discrepancy between incomes. Get out while you can guys or just start a bloody revolution – youve done it before you can do it again !!
    D W
    Brisbane – Australia !!!!

  14. The country thatranks best to me would have to New Zealand…here is a list of why

    most fresh water/capita in world
    almost no crime
    honest rule of law
    agricultural economy so little pollution
    wonderful year round weather
    Can snow ski and beach on same day..
    Wonderful sailing
    renowned wine industry
    great healthcare
    no guns allowed
    strict immigration
    far away from any potential conflicts
    English speaking with good education system
    self sufficient food production

    Thats just my opinion…

  15. The Netherlands :D,because you can play soccer when ever you want :D, you get money if don’t have work :D, most people speak English :D, schools and healthcare is free :D, the people are very nice:D, The people in NL are very tolerant towards people from other countries :D,In The Netherlands is the best beer you can get :D,You can drink water out the toilet and even that water is healthy ,because they put minerals in the water :D, Honest rule of law :D, Almost no crime :D, In The Netherlands you can get food almost for free on the Aldi :D, Just to much reasons to place in a comment. Go visit Holland your self and you’l see the beauty of The Netherlands.

  16. I am pretty sure the Scandinavian countries Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Iceland are at the top with Canada and small European countries as Liechenstein and Luxemburg.

    Scandinavian people are always so nice. They are very well spread over the world (especially Swedes) eventhough they are so few.

  17. I’d definitely say the USA is the best country to live in, but you don’t want to live in some of the bad parts. Canada, Australia, and Sweden would also be Ok, but USA is by far the best.

  18. The U.S.A is one of the best, but they really need a good revolution to kick that dumb butt Muslim president out of office!!! And there government needs to lay off of them, out bailing out car companies and don’t spend their tax for the president money on new cars and planes!

  19. Well, its obvious that U.S would be on the bottom of the list, if the people would think about its AVERAGE life condition, and not only the conditions for the rich and white.

    The Scandinavia or Nordic countries of Finland, Sweden and Norway are no doubt the best to live in and the most peaceful. If you want the best living conditions, but boring people, go to Finland (Im a finn). If you want little crappier living conditions, but funnier and hotter people, both male and female, go to Sweden. Then again, if you want to live in the forest called Norway, which is by far the best country in the Scandinavia, not by its living conditions perhaps, but its nature and peacefulness. Plus the Norway has the least amount of immigrants.

  20. the best country to live in depends on many measures ,From my Experiences,Trips
    I don’t recommend U.S ,life is harsh there,so stupid people think they better than u No mercy,they see themselves as they are the paradise and all the world is hell,No free cure,big differences among the incomes,
    I recommend Scandinavian Sweden,Denmark,Norway,Finland ..Free health Cure,Justice in income ,if u don’t work u got a good salary as Aid ,friendly people
    it is really the real paradise on the Earth ,the richest countries on the Earth and the highest income for persons,I prefer more Sweden but there are another fact many people suicide there bcz they have everything and have no problem about financial affairs so they feel with boring from life ,So about comfort Scandinavian,about get tire,unfair,work like closed eyes-cow U.S and it’s up to you to choose

  21. I’m only sixteen, but I’ve had my fair share of travelling. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden and I love my city and country. It really is an amazing place to live.
    I’ve seen much of the US (been to 19 states) and even though cities like New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas are really cool, I wouldn’t fancy living there for long.
    I want my kids to grow up in a country with fresh air, friendly people, great education and as much help from the government as they’d like.
    Btw, I definitely don’t think it’s as cold here as people think!

    (And don’t forget that the people here are HOT! ;))

  22. Mustafa bey ben Turkiyeye defalarca gelidim, tabii ki 20 – 30 sene bunden onceile cok farkli ama en iyi ulke yasam icin degildir herhalde. Sizin ulkede hala sorunlar cok fazla. hic issiz inanlarin sayisini bakdiniz mi acaba? Hangi hastaneler orda insanlara bedava hizmet veriyor ki?

  23. In my point of view (According to the researches) CANADA is the first and best country for living in the world. I’ve heard that in winters most northern parts of Canada are really cold but the equipments for getting over to winter is modern and developed. I personally prefer to live in a country with fresh air, kindly and friendly people, full of freedom for human being (unfortunately I’ve never had any freedom in my country).

  24. i was born in sweden lived in denmark for 3 months and now i live in uk.And i just want to say that uk is craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap i mean why the hell invite people from china if the people here dont even have a job and university? like someone in uk can go to university and have a nice life..theyll be too busy paying back the uni. the best countries would be sweden, australia, austria. i dont know why people support usa , probabily too blind to see how many crimes taking place everyday but then again all countries are rising with crimes because THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR PEOPLE! -.-“

  25. I live in california usa and it’s HORRIBLE here! i can’t find a job ANYWHERE besides Detroit (one of the most dangerus cities in the world) in the whole country! i always wanted to be a car enginer and im not going to let this country crush my dreams! does anyone know which country has a low unemployment rate?

  26. US really sucks!
    Read ( if you happen to be american ask somebody intelligent, because americans can’ t read ) about the topic and you will understand what a corrupt country us is.
    You average americans, do something about it before it is too late!

  27. Anyone who says the united states is greatest country to live in is a complete idiot. the only people that love this country are the ones that reap every penny. there’s no such thing as hard working Americans. we’re hard working slaves to capitalist slimey pig ran government with no intentions of helping out this country. the only thing they care about is power and their corruption. This country is screwed and the idiots running have the screw driver. Im going to start for a new country to live in who is fair and truly about its people. STOP WITH THE GREED AMERICA!! Anyone who disagrees with these statements obviously has a job and makes more then they should. don’t tell me to get a job. I have one and it used to pay well before the CEOs and people higher up decided they need a higher wage and bonus for doing nothing. this country makes me sick….

  28. If you’re of African descent like me (meaning black) then the USA is the worst and most dangerous place for you to live. If you know the history of the USA and actually pay attention to the society of this country you would understand why I say this. I’ve been working as a network engineer for the last 10 years and will be 30 in less than 2 months, and to this day I get harassed by American police sometimes at gun point for BS like going 4 mile per hour over the speed limit. Or being followed to the house I own because I fit the description. I leaved in Jamaica as a child for 3 and a half years because that where my family is from, so I have a little exposer to the world outside of the USA. On the flip side like every other predominantly black country Jamaica is a screwed up country thanks to the USA. Once I decide on which country I’ll move to, I most likely won’t be returning to the USA.

  29. I live in the southern United States (Georgia), and although it is more hospitable than the New England states up north, it is one of the most arrogant, self centered societies that I know. Anyone who doesn’t believe me I encourage you to visit the US Territory of St. Croix and spend several days with the islanders there. You’ll begin to understand that most everyone state side is in a big damn hurry and has some form of vanity surrounding their economic stature. The politics of America make no sense whatsoever, special interest lobbyist, especially Israel and big corporations, OWN the hearts and pockets of American politicians. If you don’t believe me I encourage you to Google the Council for the National Interest. The FACT that we don’t have universal healthcare, a balanced budget, free higher education, and effective social systems for the poor/needy in such a wealthy nation is a testament to the US’ GREED and CORRUPTION. I’m not socialist, but common sense would tell you that better education and universal healthcare are precursors to a better tomorrow. The special interest controlled media DUMBS down the population into believing there’s something special about the US. Fact is the ONLY things special about the US is our lack of identity as a people, complete blindness to the system of feudal caste corporate slavery we participate in, and an overwhelming arrogance toward other countries. Soon as I have the money I’m jumping off the rat wheel and hello New Zealand. Guns, tanks, airplanes, warmongering, corporate ladders, keeping up with the Jones’, 2.5 kids, and 2 cars in the driveway is not happiness…its a friggin nightmare.

  30. I was only trying to get a tourist visa for shopping and traveling – and the consulate officers thinks that everyone wants to live in the us, Im from Mexico but I rather to move on to Canada instead the US. Im a college degree , And my visa request was rejected. I like US only for visiting not for living. My mistake was telling the us consulate that I speak English, most likely he thought that I wanted to move to US.
    I have travelled along US from NY to California also Japan, and Japan would be my other option to move on.

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