22 thoughts on “what’s the best country to live in?”

  1. well where ever people say they will think it the bes tin there eyes i live in uk and love it.
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  2. the CONTINENT of antartica…. nobodys there. it would just be me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. I heard the nordic countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark are supposed to have pretty good standards of living right now. Probably anywhere in the European Union as a whole though. I also heard Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan were supposed to be the good ones in Asia. I’ve also heard generally good things about Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Uruguay, Brazil, and Chile (those last 3 in South America).
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  4. i have a feeling it would be in australia!Why? Less people. I am not from there but it seams more relaxing then the usa.
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  5. Of course in one of the arab world countries: Note that —> It is forbitten (especially in Saudi Arabia):
    1) to say your opinion
    2) to eat meat
    3) to kissing on the streets
    4) to make love
    5) to have a lot of money
    6) to say that “women are important to me”
    7) to drink alcohol
    8) to watch a porn movie
    9) to say “i am christian”
    10) to go for elections

    I hope a good life in an arab world country!!!!

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