What are the best countries to live in in ur opinion.?.?

What are the best countries to live in in ur opinion.?.?
Have opportunity to live in Spain France or Czech republic.

Answer by Foogle
I don’t know about countries, but iv’e heard Uranus is a wonderful place to live.

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  1. Jeez–yuk! What gave you the idea that any of those like Americans. Here’s the real deal: pre-tsunami the good ole USA——post tsunami the middle of non-arid Australia. Oh and learn to enjoy goat meat cuisines.

  2. France is the best from the three. It has the highest living standard, and best quality of life. CZ and Spain are much similar on per capita level, but one country has trade off the other. Spain has warm, sunny weather, beaches, many historical sites; Madrid and Barcelona are classy cities. CZ has only Prague as major city, which has a lot of history, and also many historical places, but it is much cooler place to live with snow guarantee for winter. Spain is mist of full blown depression, and unemployment rate will probably hit 25% of workforce this summer, and society is paralyzed by crisis. CZ is next to Germany, its economy is much better shape and Prague’s unemployment is around 3.5%. Incomes are lower in the countryside, but in major cities are on level of the western Europe. Generally the safety is better in CZ than Spain, and probably better than France. It will depend what you like to do, and what is your fulfillment in free times.

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