best country to live in for low federal taxes?

i mean all around, best country to live in. the world.
i feel like the u.s is going to ****.
if you've had any experience living in another country or know anything about any different countries then give me some explanation. thanks.

Having lived in a number of countries — over 12 years of total foreign residency — I can tell you that if you live in the USA, you're already there!

Americans like to complain about taxes but most Americans are blissfully unaware that they already live in the country with probably the LOWEST total tax burden of ALL major industrialized nations.

Speaking strictly on income taxes at the national level, Ireland and Australia do have lower national income taxes, HOWEVER they more than make up for it with other taxes that put their citizens' total tax burden well ahead of the US. Think $3 to $4 per gallon of gasoline in TAX alone, resulting in pump prices in the $7 to $8 region per gallon! Tack on national sales taxes that typically range from 15% to 25% and most other countries have MUCH higher total tax burdens than Americans ever need to fear.

You can easily find many countries with lower total tax burdens, however you might not want to live there. Mexico's taxes are quite a bit lower than the US, but the standard of living in Mexico reflects that quite clearly. Most Islamic nations have extremely low taxes. That's fine, IF you want to live in an intolerant religious dictatorship. Direct taxes in Monaco are very low, but unless you have a net worth on the sunny side of $10,000,000 they really are not interested in having you live there and you probably couldn't afford to with a net worth much less than that anyway.

Which is the best place to live in these countries?

Where would people suggest the best place to move to is in these countries? We are looking at New Zealand, Australia or Canada. We are looking for somewhere to bring up a family, we enjoy camping and walking and sports. I am a Physics teacher and my girlfriend is a Vet nurse. We want to avoid big cities as much as possible and we like the idea of a small community in which we can get involved. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.



It has everything Australia and New Zealand have to offer without the added bonus of having a myriad of poisonous plants and creatures fighting for space in your home and garden.

i want to know which way is the best to come to europe countries for live and afterward refuge to be citizen?

i am an iranian born and at the time being study in india.

Best way to immigrate into Europe is to graduate from a European university (undergrad, masters or PhD). Graduates are given one year to find a job that fits their qualifications and if they find one they are given a work permit that is tied to that job and a residency permit. If you manage to hold this job for more than 5 years you are home free – first unlimited residency permit and then citizenship.

To start off, it is relatively easy for students to get a residency permit and a limited work permit. The work permit allows you to work legally for 10-20 hours per week. Unfortunately this will be not enough to support yourself. Your major source of income has to come from savings or from your parents.

In Germany you'll need to show at least 7000 EUR before you are granted a residency permit, as 7000 EUR is the cost for one year of study in Germany. The situation is similar for other European countries.

If this is too much for you, look into getting scholarships. For Germany you can find all info on The DAAD is the German Academic Foreign Exchange, there are similar organisations in most European countries.

If Canada is the richest country in the world, why are we ranked 6th in Best countries to live in?

In resources, Canada is the richest ccountry in the world, but we rank 6th in living standards. Why?

Canada is not the richest country in the world!
I wouldn't say the US is either.
There are many kinds of Riches to be had.
Norway and Sweden have phenomenal health care at that is why they rank higher than us. Dubai, has more money per person than anywhere else, and it is kinda a micronation.

I would say the richest country on Earth is Cameroon.
They have 30/30/30 Muslim/Christian/Pagan rate. They have an amazing amount of culture. And unlike ALL of their neighbors they have enjoyed peace and "relative" prosperity for over 40 years.

Like Canada, Cameroon is the only country that has both (and only) English and French as it's official languages.

I think they are the most wonderful people on Earth, with Canadians being a close second, followed by the nice old Minnesotans.

Riches of the heart cannot be bought.

What are the best countries to live in/be a citizen of?

Please give reasons why.

P.S. Please don't just say the United States as I know firsthand all the pros and cons of living here.

trinidad and tobago (caribbean island)
pros: you don't have to work long hours, beautiful women of many different races, a lot of bacchanal, carnival season (the greatest show on earth, held every february annually)
cons: did i mention the pros?

What are some of the best-to-live-in, easy-to-emigrate-to countries?

I'm trying to find out what countries consistently rank among the best to live in, but are also reasonably easy to emigrate to for a environmental consultant (with a degree). I have always lived in NYC and think America is great (in some ways) but I need a change of scenery. I know countries like Switzerland and Norway are always highly ranked but nearly impossible to move to and work in unless one of your parents is a citizen or something. Does anyone out there have any suggestions?


P.S. It doesn't have to be a English-speaking country.

New Zealand sounds like it might be right for you. It's not exactly easy to immigrate to it. They have a sort of point system. If you have enough points, you are eligible to apply for an immigrant visa. Education amounts to some of the points. I don't know what the other ones are.

I think Australia is easier to immigrate to than New Zealand. There is always Canada. They are looking for people, though they really want people who will take jobs for which you would be overqualified.

Try Eastern Europe. The countries there don't make the list, but they are developing rapidly. I'm pretty sure it is fairly easy to immigrate to most of them. And I'll bet the ones either recently admitted or applying for admittance to the EU would need people in the area of environmental concerns.

Good luck.

Hello All. I wish you to kindly tell between these two countries the best to live and raise kids?

Hello All. I wish you to kindly tell between these two countries the best to live and raise kids in. In which pone could one have a better working condition? better quality of life and standard of lioving and happiness?
Canada and Ireland


Where is the best place to live in the future, considering climate change effects in different countries.?

I live in Florida now and am thinking about moving to another country. With all the predictions on what will happen in the future with global warming i'd like to take that into account when deciding which country to live in. Heath care is also important to me.