What is the best country to live in?

I’m possibly going to be doing a student exchange program through my school and I get to choose the country I’d like to study in for a few semesters (about 6 months). I am from the USA and I’ve gone to Canada quite often so I’m not interested in going to Canada or staying in the US for my program. I want to know where the best country to live is in terms of price of things (I’m a student so I don’t have a lot to spend, my counselor advised against England b/c it’s more expensive than the US), safety, and someplace where I would be able to communicate in English (I know a bit of French and Spanish but not enough to communicate). I’d really like to go somewhere in Europe like Finland, Ireland, Norway, etc, but I’ve heard it’s very expensive to live in Europe. And also, my parents are thinking of retiring to another country in a few years so I’m asking this question for them as well. Sorry for all the details. But based on what I’ve stated, what would be the best country for me to temporarily reside in (a young adult) and also for my parents to retire to? Thank you!
I’m a female by the way.

Hi Rory,

England, all of Scandinavia, and Switzerland are the most expensive countries in Europe. I am a native of Germany and live in California. Recently I was in Switzerland and got a large cup of coffee from Starbucks which in California cost $ 2.00, and in Switzerland $ 5.00. This gives you an idea how expensive it is, and Scandinavia is the same. England is also on the high side. The least expensive countries are in Eastern Europe, but you probably don’t wanna go there.
Europe in general is not cheap, however, I would recommend Germany, not because I am from there, but because prices there arenot sky high like in the other countries I mentioned. The most expensive cities in Germany are Munich and Hamburg. Maybe you should focus on a medium size city. My hometown in Germany is the city of Kiel (population 245,000). The city is located on the Baltic Sea about 60 miles north of Hamburg. It is also called the gateway to Scandinavia. It is a very nice city, lot’s of things to do, has the largest sailing competition in the world every last week in June, and during that time the largest cultural festival in Northern Europe. The city also has the largest pedestrian shopping zone in Germany. Go on the internet and type in "Kiel" to get more information. I think you might like it.

Concerning your parents retire in Europe is not that easy, actually it is pretty difficulty to get a resident permit.

When deciding to go to Germany you got to be ok with the weather, which is unpredictable. Actually the weather is like in Portland/Oregon.

Have fun.

Can you live overseas just on your SS income?

I’ve heard this from a number of people already, that upcoming retirees can now live overseas and receive income still from Social Security. Is this feasible? I mean, the way Social Security is going, will it last for the ones who may only have about ten years to retire or so? Or would future retirees be resigned to buy cat food just to survive? is there any way to live a decent life somewhere else after retirement, and if so, what would be the best countries to live as a retiree?

Social Security was never designed to be the sole source of retirement income.

You can take your Social Security and live in another country. The rub is that you may have no medical care as Medicare doesn’t transfer across borders in some cases.

which is the best country in the world to retire?

Living in US and Canada with a pension plan is almost impossible, considering expenses and for a private RRSP is estimated you need half a million to live comfortably, but where Americans, Brits and Canadians can enjoy retirement in a cheap paradise outside their countries….

I’ve done it. I’m a UK citizen and therefore can live and retire anywhere in the EC, I chose the delightful island of Cyprus, specifically the holiday hot spot of Ayia Napa.. There are literally tens of thousands of UK citizens retired here and we enjoy a very high standard of living in a very low crime area.

US and Canadian citizens don’t have that right and few countries still offer retirement visas. Thailand and Costa Rica do and I believe that Belize may be possible. Worth researching if it interests you.

If you can’t leave the USA it’s worth looking at :-


This ranks the 50 states by rising cost of living. To give an example, New York costs about 130% of the national average to live in and is cold in winter whereas Tennessee is less than 90% of average and definitely warmer. Useful info if money is short.

Uruguay – One Of The Best Countries To Live And Retire?

Many foreigners live and retire in Uruguay because of its fantastic nature and quality of life. Uruguay has a lot to offer those who decide to live and retire in Uruguay. Whether you dream of a restored colonial home with modern interiors and harbor views…A small cottage in a quiet courtyard…Or a lazy beach retreat where you can sit on the balcony and watch the waves crash on the sand…you can find it in Uruguay – one of the best countries to live and retire in the world.

Many recommend Uruguay as the best value for your second home dollar. This is the second smallest country in South America after Suriname.

The name Uruguay means river of colorful birds. Is related to the name Guyana: Arawak-Guayana, land of many wat

Punta del Este
Image by Jefferson Bernardes via Flickr

ers. The country has a predominantly low-lying landscape.

Unlike the South American neighbors, crime is not a serious problem in Uruguay. Like anywhere, you should, however sensible precautions are taken. That said, Montevideo provides the highest chance for a run-in with pickpockets. So maybe this should not be your first choice.

Uruguay has an extensive internal bus system. Non-local departmental buses leave from the Tres Cruces station that also serves international coaches. The buses are frequent, and many companies serving the same routes. Unlike other South American countries, taxis in Uruguay are safe and quite affordable.

In rural areas, hitch hiking is fairly common and as safe as hitching is everywhere. There are several places to visit in Uruguay offers a wide range of activities.

Punta del Este is the area most frequented by celebrities due to its vibrant nightlife. More than 100 hotels with charming roman architecture, 80 restaurants and numerous clubs and live music on the beaches all contribute to this country’s culture.

Set on the Rio de la Plata, it offers beautiful wide white sandy beaches, some perfect for swimming and others to surf (both with spectacular sunsets). Punta del Este is well located for day trips to the mountains for hiking, fishing and windsurfing, and boat tours to see sea lions, golf, horse riding and visit different beaches.

Known for its cave system, Las Grutas Beach is can be lots of fun to explore, and offers live music, exercise equipment, internet access and entertainment directly on the beach. Nearby Jose Ignacio is also a good place to go to see some local arc

Lobos Islands in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
Image via Wikipedia

hitecture and eat some fresh seafood.

There are several places to visit in Uruguay offers a wide range of activities.

Approximately 60 percent of the population is covered by private non-profit public health organizations called mutualistas. Free coverage by the Ministry of Public Health covers about 20 percent of the population, and military and or police or private companies cover about 10 percent.

The contribution of the alternating conquerors and diverse immigrants has resulted in native traditions that integrate this diversity. Complete with its own music and dance; gaucho is about pride and dignity, individual integrity and national identity.

This is just a short glimpse into what makes Uruguay one of the best countries to live and retire. You can continue your research below:





Which country is best?

I am thinking about retiring in the nearest future. Which is best country to spent my rest life do you think?

I think British Columbia in Canada is incredibly beautiful or I would say, the entire country is amazingly fantastic and beautiful. I’d been to Canada few years back and I loved the country, so I decided to visit again with my family.During that period, there was an incredible offer out in the market by Zapbooking.com (http://www.zapbooking.com) and I planned to purchase the same. And undoubtedly, that was a brilliant option I had witnessed that time.

Best South Asia country to retire in?

I’m an American thinking about retiring in a South Asian country where the American dollar values well with the currency rate – Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia etc.. But I would still want to work because I want to not because I have to. Which country is easiest to get a job maybe teaching English, visas, and best for health care?

For easy teaching job and dollar value Bangladesh is good, but when you consider many other things I would recommend Malaysia. Good luck

Best foreign country for an early retirement? No habla espaniol but willing to try.?

Not looking to blaze new trails so much. Just wondering about places to get away and retire in comfort, earlier than I would be able to here in the States. So some language concerns, no taxes for $ brought in, low cost of living, high quality of life, safety, healthcare are all considerations. Thoughts?
I guess I should add that I have a hard time living in a country where one of the major political parties can sabotage the recovery efforts of the govt, tell our lenders (China) our money is no good, kill job stimulus, and then kick the unemployed in the teeth while they, the real victims of this recession, are down. Only a few years ago, it was all United We Stand this so shut up about the deficit and United We Stand that so shut up about the Constitution too. Now, it’s all about doing the worst economic thing possible, denying UI benefits, in the name of fiscal responsibility while not touching the trillions in corporate welfare to Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil, more 1st amendment rights to foreign corporations than U.S. citizens, etc. Sorry to rant, but I have been abroad many times. I know there are many places where politicians and govt work for the people. Too bad our country is going downhill so quickly.

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