Best Air Force bases to live?

I’m joining the Air Force, and want to know some of the better places to live, and why. I’d really like to live overseas, preferably in Europe, but I also wouldn’t mind living in Asia or something. Also, which bases in the US are good? incase I decide moving out of the country isn’t for me.
That is true, bigbadbutch. Like I said though, i really wouldn’t mind that. I was just thinking for when I put down where i’d like to go. I know it comes down to where they really need me, but if they could use me in multiple places, and one of those places is what I have listed, there is a decent chance I could go there. was just wanting to know for when marking where i’d like to go.

U.S. Air Force base Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, S.D. Close to Box Elder S.D., it has a moderate median household income of about $35,000, and the average home price is about $136,000. This is down from about $268,000 in 2004, and it’s increased throughout 2009 providing a glimpse of stability. The crime rate is relatively low and the community boasts close to 70,000 people. It has great dining and shopping for those looking for entertainment and is partly driven by tourism. There is also a vast cultural experience available with community theatres, playhouses, arts centers, and museums. Additionally, you’ll find national parks and a high quality of life in Rapid City.

its ranked 3rd out of all the best cities for military families. anywhere you go tho, its what you make of it. and im sure every base you go to someones going to be like i hate this place i want to go somewhere else. everywhere has its ups and downs. dont be one to just sit in your room/house and not get out and adventure around.

i cant really help you out over seas since i have not been stationed to any over there yet.

also as for choosing your bases on your dreamsheet, it depends on what bases have your job. not all jobs are available at every base. the best thing i can tell ya is figure out where in the states you would like to live, and then look at all the bases in that area. go to their websites and pick the ones best for you.

Which of these countries in Asia would be the best for me?

I am a teenager in America, and I know I am a blank canvas with potential in the entertainment industry. I am interested in doing radio, music, and acting.
I do not want to stay in America, but pursue a career in the Asian market.
Now, I have many things in my heritage and a very cultured family so I would not look like the steriotypical tourist with the Hawaiian shirts and cameras; but I am having a hard time decideing were I want to go.

I have it down to:
+ Beijing, China.
+ Tokyo, Japan.
+ Taipei, Taiwan.

If you have any other asian countries you would suggest please include,
but I have access to learning any language with the area I live in, and
the diverse language oppertunities offered.

10pts. To Best Answer,

Thank you!

Dear Weasly:

I really prefer Japan. I’m going back again next year.
Stay clear of Despotic Countries like Beijing, China.

Here are your "Marching-Orders" to be Successful:
*Save as much Money as you are able, to sustain yourself.
(The yen is a very strong currency. $1 = 83 yen)
*Gain more Maturity & Sophistication.
*Get some Technical Training while you are here in the U.S.
(You must set yourself Apart from Millions of other "Blanks"!)
*Effectively Learn the Japanese Language & Kanji !!
*Educate yourself about THEIR Culture & Customs.
*Nurture any & all Contacts in the Japanese Entertainment Industry.
* Make A Plan
"Work" your plan!

Good Luck!

What Asian country would be best for a Western single parent family to live in?

I’m thinking of moving to Asia for 6 months or a year to teach English, and I would take my two preschoolers with me. Japan, South Korea, or other. Any knowledge or experience would be great!

I don’t speak any other languages

Japan and South Korea will pay the most, however, Japan is somewhat difficult to teach without experience and education (which I’m not sure if you have) and South Korea has somewhat of a bad rep. Since you have 2 preschoolers I would say try indonesia. The pay is lower though it is realatively cheap to live there, you can easily hire maids to clean the house and watch the kids and supposedly teaching english is regarded quite well there. Thailand you won’t make enough. If money is not a worry for you I would go and teach in the philippines. Only country in Asia that has english as a national language, along with other languages. The philippines has extremely friendly people, cheap living, americanized areas like in manila, generally safe though others will argue, and the scenery is amazing with great beaches volcanoes and rice terraces. The downside is that you will have a hardtime finding a paying job. Volunteers are always needed but since it is an English speaking country they are not hard off for english teachers. Here is a great sight to get an idea:

Anyone traveled overland through SE Asia?

I’m flying to Bangkok in 2 weeks, and plan to do a round trip Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand. I’m traveling overland so will be crossing borders by land.

Does anyone know the best way to get visas for these countries? I live in a country with no Vietnam Embassy so I can’t get one here.

Suggestions from people with experience of this please…no websites as I can google myself.

Oh….and any tips of things to see would also be great! :)


Visa rules/requirements depend on your nationality. For Thailand, you can probably get an entry stamp.

A tourist visa for Vietnam must be issued before arrival and the typical visa is valid for 30 days. The visa begins to expire from the day it is issued, so it is a good idea to get your visa as close as possible to your intended arrival date. Extension of Vietnamese visas is possible once you are in Vietnam.

I suggest that you get your Vietnamese tourist visa in Bangkok – it takes about three working days. The embassy is located on Witthayu (Wireless) Road.

For Cambodia, get tourist visa at arrival atPhnom Penh airport, on-line
or at major border crossings.

For Lao PDR, visa on arrival is reliably available at most overland crossings between Thailand and Laos, including the Huay Xai, Vientiane, Savannakhet, Tha Khaek and Chong Mek entry points.
It is also available at both Vientiane and Luang Prabang airports (US$30 – cash only, one passport photo).
Visa on arrival is not available at the Paksan crossing. Nor is it available at the Cambodia crossing.

Best South Asia country to retire in?

I’m an American thinking about retiring in a South Asian country where the American dollar values well with the currency rate – Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia etc.. But I would still want to work because I want to not because I have to. Which country is easiest to get a job maybe teaching English, visas, and best for health care?

For easy teaching job and dollar value Bangladesh is good, but when you consider many other things I would recommend Malaysia. Good luck

Poll: Best country in Asia to live?

I pick Japan because I love anime.

Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong are the "Four Asian Tigers". Most advanced East Asian countries.

Asia is a whole would include Israel which is one of the most developed countries in Asia and the most developed country in the Middle East.

UAE is bad choice because it has no democracy and no basic human rights

i would like to move to Philippines or Malaysia ?

i would like to move to Philippines or Malaysia ?
what is the best country in south Asia for living ?

what i should do?

which kind of business i can run there ?

how about some one dose not to much money ?

The Philippines are very nice & most of the people speak English.
However you cannot own a business or work here.
You will most likely need $1,000 US per month to live.
Sorry I cannot tell you about Malaysia.

I am a female INTJ. If I want to live/work in a country in Asia, which country will be the best option?

And, which country should I definitely avoid? FYI, I am 20+.
Thanks for the answer and suggestion. The reason why I put it in this category because I want to ask particularly about the country that will suit my personality best.

Great, I’m INTJ as well. I’d say Korea since it has advanced tech and several job opportunities too, especially if you’re going to teach. Just make sure to go to Seoul or some other big cities. Whether you go to Korea or Japan, you’ll find that people are respectful and have amazing work ethics. Generally, I think Japanese people are more soft-spoken and polite with all their constant bowing compared to Koreans, who are more brisk and to-the-point. Both countries suit my personality because they (as nations) uphold values similar to mine

do people in Britain generally think that they live in one of the BEST places in the world to live?

please explain why and how this is ..and do you think many around the world agree,,,by how many people seek to live in Britain from eastern Europe, Asia , africa ,,even AMERICA..etc?

please xplain what it is (Besides just the government aid, as many could live okay in their own countries but desire for some reason the culture of Britain)…?

thanks for your answers!

I think Britain is a good place to live, I think people hating on Britain are negative people and would probably not be happy anywhere in the world. The grass is not always greener somewhere else.

Do people in Britain generally think that they live in one of the BEST places in the world to live?

please explain why and how this is ..and do you think many around the world agree,,,by how many people seek to live in Britain from eastern Europe, Asia , africa ,,even AMERICA..etc?

please xplain what it is (Besides just the government aid, as many could live okay in their own countries but desire for some reason the culture of Britain)…?

thanks for your answers!

I live whitehaven!