What are the best countries to live in the world and why? Oh, and also cities?

Countries? Cities?…why?

Sweden and Canada.
Sweden-cos she is beautiful,has a high standard of living,people are friendly….etc

Canada-It is not In America but its close,so you can go to vocation there.She has a lot of clean space and friendly people…

So I vote for canada and sweden!

What are the 5 best countries to live in on this list and why?

Somalia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Central African Republic, Guinea, Pakistan, Cote divoire, Haiti, Burma, Kenya, Nigeria, Ethiopia, North Korea, Bangledash, Yemen, East timor

Kenya relatively peaceful
Ivory Coast relatively peaceful
Ethiopia relatively peaceful but prone to famine
Pakistan probably peaceful for most of its population

You have chosen a bad bunch, my choice is based on where is the average man least likely to starve, be killed or die for no apparent reason. If you have money you can live in most of the above and be happy with Congo NK and Somalia as exclusions.

Best countries to live in entertainment,job,education wise?

Any place with temperatures between 5 degrees – 30 degrees is good. Also want good job prospects in hospitality/finance/business, good schools. Friendly people too :)
Please list a top 10, number 1 being the best matched.

PScript: this is for around 5yrs later so hopefully recession is not a significant decision-making factor anymore.

france. germany. austria. czech. aust. slovenia. estonia. scotland. ireland

Which are the 10 best countries to live after global economic recession has started?

I need the recent figures. Before, Norway was at rank 1. But after global colapse has started, which is the new list that comes up?

You will be better off where you are because immigrants are not welcome during recessions and you will probably not be able to get a work permit or qualify for unemployment benefits or welfare.