What are your thoughts on the latest NATO rankings of the best countries to live in?

The United Nations ranked Norway as the best country to live in for a sixth consecutive year Thursday,Iceland was No. 2, followed by Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, Japan and the United States.

One needs to really understand the criteria used by the UN to actually have a full comprehension of these rankings.
Note that there are NO emotions involved! Because if you ask me, Canada should be #1 or 2, if you ask my girlfriend (who is American) she’d say USA or Sweden.

I lived in Canada, Europe and USA and I am not surprised to see these results. Although the score difference between these top 10 countries is really just 0.01 which is very marginal.

Great countries all together really, powerful currencies, lots of freedoms and opportunities for success; everything you could think of is available. My point is, there was not a single day when I woke up and I wondered if food would be unavailable, or water lacking, or if I was sick there would be no doctor for the next 500km or a militia and lawless people would be running down the streets.

For those who live in N.America or W. Europe, just imagine yourself living right now in say central Africa, or North Korea where a BigMac is a luxury meal, and being able to shower once a week is a privilege! How would you feel?

As long as we’re top 10, I am content and thankful that my society is one of the best.

Is everyone now moving to Norway, Australia & Iceland since they were named the best countries to live in 2009?

….or Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Japan which also made the Top 10 Quality of Life Countries?

Would you like to live in any of those countries? Or if you live or have lived in one of those countries, do you think it is as excellent as it’s portrayed in the media?

To be honest it’s difficult to say. Having moved from the UK (no 21) to Norway (No 1) I’d be pushed to say there’s that much difference in quality of life, some things are better, some are not so good (how I miss the NHS and the ease of access compared to the bureaucracy of Norway).

You have to look at the criteria used and the weighting. In reality what is says is that if you have the choice live in the first world

best and worst countries to live in?

Best countries to live in for me would be European countries. I think UK is best country in world to live in due to its strong economy, life expectancy, etc.

For worst, probably some war torn African country or maybe Palestine. What do you guys think?

Best – Australia, good weather, great sights, high standard of living, strong economy, not overcrowded, faraway from the trouble spots, laid back locals.
Worst – anywhere that is not Australia …