I want To leave the U.S for good which country in europe would be best to live in?

If I have to I will learn a different language i know some german, but I want to leave here because mainly the society is ridiculous i need to get the hell away p.s do not tell me how good america is cause i wont stay here no matter what so give me answers or leave thankyou

This really depends on your interests and personality a lot. All of the countries here can be goodexperiences – certainly I’ve enjoyed living in Italy for the last 12 years. However, I was also happy living in the US and still have a home there.

The simplest answer is that the best country is the one where you can find a job and get a visa that allows you to live there. It’s not easy to move internationally; the easiest ways to move are through a student visa or an elective residence visa, but you would need to prove you can support yourself without working. Getting a visa that allows you to live and work here is not easy to do at all. You can’t just pick up, move to another country and look for a job.

For example, it would be illegal for you to either live in or work in the countries in Europe (or elsewhere) without obtaining a visa that allows you to live and work here before you come. Right now, the economy is not good and there are not many jobs available. The best opportunity is probably in the healthcare field. EU citizens have the right to live and work freely within the EU, others cannot automatically live and work here.

My direct experience is with Italy where I’ve been living for the past 12 years. The site for visas here in Italy is: http://www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp . The site has links to the application, the additional information you need to supply in order to get the visa and where to apply. It also includes education visas which are somewhat easier to get than work visas. You can find similar information for other countries on their consulate websites. There’s visa information for the UK here: http://ukinusa.fco.gov.uk/en/visiting-uk… or for Ireland here: http://www.consulateofirelandnewyork.org…

A work permit is separate – you cannot apply for that yourself. The company has to apply and they have to be able to demonstrate that there is not a viable EU candidate for the job. As a result, jobs for foreigners including Canadian or US citizens are pretty much restricted to people with special education, knowledge, or experience … and you would have to be able to speak the local language. Right now, as noted above, the best bet would probably be something in the healthcare field. When I moved here, it was through a transfer of the job I was already doing in the US to the Italian office. Even so, it took 8 months to put all the paperwork in place to apply for a visa.

It’s useful to check the expat sites for information about living and working in the places you might be interested in:


You can find other sites by searching for "expat" and the name of your target country. You need to look carefully into the economics of the move – as a US expat, you would have to file income tax returns both in the US and in Italy if you moved here. You would need to check this for other countries.

What is the best country to live in where everyone gets along?

peaceful, beautiful, lots of people you can learn from, just a cool place to visit or even live!? :)
Yes canada sounds good!! I was considering moving there do you live there? wats it like if so?

And i dont know if i could pick up on japanese as quickly as to move there :S? but i like the idea of japan
LOL okay ghost, im extremely racist. And thanks maybe i do belong in canada 😉

Canada, without question.

What are the best countries in Europe to live in?

I haven’t been to every country in Europe but i’d say the UK and The Netherlands come quite high on the list for me.

I think in terms of quality of life your income has a lot to play no matter where you live. It seems that Scandinavia always scores high, in these countries everyone is seen as equal, education, healthcare, unemployment benefits are all provided by the state and people usually tend to have a good salary that makes up for the cost of living. Then a lot of Brits relocate each year to France and Spain so presumably it’s not too bad down there.