What are the best European Countries to live in?

What are the best European Countries to live in? Please state why! Thanks for answering!

this really depends on where you feel most comfortable. I would recommend a safe country not at war- so try to stay away from the middle east and north Africa. Italy has wonderful food and is a great place to start a life if you are into art or music. Spain is also a great place to live because it is also very safe and has many sights you can see over and over. Denmark has very beautiful beaches and little fishing towns. France may be too expensive, along with Luxembourg. I prefer Greece, though it is not the safest country, but if you are willing to sacrifice that, it is a great country full of culture. Glad I could help!

Best Air Force bases to live?

I’m joining the Air Force, and want to know some of the better places to live, and why. I’d really like to live overseas, preferably in Europe, but I also wouldn’t mind living in Asia or something. Also, which bases in the US are good? incase I decide moving out of the country isn’t for me.
That is true, bigbadbutch. Like I said though, i really wouldn’t mind that. I was just thinking for when I put down where i’d like to go. I know it comes down to where they really need me, but if they could use me in multiple places, and one of those places is what I have listed, there is a decent chance I could go there. was just wanting to know for when marking where i’d like to go.

U.S. Air Force base Ellsworth AFB in Rapid City, S.D. Close to Box Elder S.D., it has a moderate median household income of about $35,000, and the average home price is about $136,000. This is down from about $268,000 in 2004, and it’s increased throughout 2009 providing a glimpse of stability. The crime rate is relatively low and the community boasts close to 70,000 people. It has great dining and shopping for those looking for entertainment and is partly driven by tourism. There is also a vast cultural experience available with community theatres, playhouses, arts centers, and museums. Additionally, you’ll find national parks and a high quality of life in Rapid City.

its ranked 3rd out of all the best cities for military families. anywhere you go tho, its what you make of it. and im sure every base you go to someones going to be like i hate this place i want to go somewhere else. everywhere has its ups and downs. dont be one to just sit in your room/house and not get out and adventure around.

i cant really help you out over seas since i have not been stationed to any over there yet.

also as for choosing your bases on your dreamsheet, it depends on what bases have your job. not all jobs are available at every base. the best thing i can tell ya is figure out where in the states you would like to live, and then look at all the bases in that area. go to their websites and pick the ones best for you.