What is the best European country to live in?

I’m currently 16 years old and live in Chicago. I was born in Romania and have a strong desire to get back to Europe, but I don’t know where it would be best to go. I’m planning on working as a pharmacist after college. I would also be interested in studying abroad (any suggestions?) but in the end I want to live somewhere in Europe.

i live in italy and since i visited most of europe,in my experience i think UK and Spain are the best countries to live in,because of society,business,work,student’s funding,etc
anyway every country has something to offer,i recommend not to come in italy for the difficulties to find a job,but for Art and students studying Art, Italy is the best country.
it depends on your interests.
by the way it’s funny how many americans want to come in europe,and how many europeans want to come to the USA (including me) xD

What is the best country to live and work, go to school, have a better life?

I live in U.S now and want to get out. I know here is better than most places they say. Any ideas on where to live and work ! I appreciate all the answers. Please give some info on the place and why it is
better to live there.

HMMM. There are some people who are dying to get to America. Why leave? Never mind. I think I know the answer. Well, there are a few that I can think of. BUT not really according to me, but according to NEWSWEEK. Here’s their list:

Best Overall: Finland

Best Education
Low income: Ukraine
Middle income: Kazakhstan
Medium size: South Korea
Large size: Japan

Best Health Care
Low income: Tunisia, China
Middle income: Chile
Small size: Switzerland
Medium size: Spain, Australia

Best Quality of Life overall: Norway

Best Quality of Life
Low income: Ukraine
Middle income: Cuba
Medium size: Australia
Large size: Germany

Best Economic Dynamism overall: Singapore

Best Economic Dynamism
Low income: China
Middle income: Malaysia
Medium size: South Korea
Large size: United States

Best Political Environment overall: Sweden

Best Political Environment
Low income: Ghana
Middle income: Poland
Medium size: Australia
Large size: Germany

Personally I want to visit Australia, Japan, and Singapore, and really see how it is. I have relatives in Singapore, as well as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Guam, they are doing very well.

Hopes this whole mess makes sense with you. And I hope you find what you are looking for. For me, though the U.S. is going through tough times, I don’t have the guts to leave.

Whats The Best Country In Europe For A Young Black Male To Live.? I Have Family In Portugal?

I’m Portuguese and black. But I look black. I have family in Portugal who I do not know since I really do not know my father and his side. I’m not fluent it the language either. All I know is that during the 1960’s part of his side. Came to America.

Other then that where are some good countries that I can live at. Where I will not endure huge amounts of racism. I’m 18 by the way. I always wanted to live in Europe. Also to see my family.

Thanks. What age is a good age to move there. Or should I move after I get my 4 year degree.

ummm, Poland is good, people are friendly and not racist.

try to make friends with everyone, about the skin, it doesnt matter, okay…

Good luck <3 and keep smile!

Can you live overseas just on your SS income?

I’ve heard this from a number of people already, that upcoming retirees can now live overseas and receive income still from Social Security. Is this feasible? I mean, the way Social Security is going, will it last for the ones who may only have about ten years to retire or so? Or would future retirees be resigned to buy cat food just to survive? is there any way to live a decent life somewhere else after retirement, and if so, what would be the best countries to live as a retiree?

Social Security was never designed to be the sole source of retirement income.

You can take your Social Security and live in another country. The rub is that you may have no medical care as Medicare doesn’t transfer across borders in some cases.

What is the best country in europe to receive student loan?

I am a british citizen and i am looking to do my university studies somewhere in europe, not sure on where to go,what is the best country in europe in terms of student loan? And could you also tell me if i need to be living there for a certain time in order to get a loan?

I see other europeans coming to the UK and getting loans without any problems, i guess i shouldnt have any problems by going to their countries and receiving loans. Any feedback is welcome, thanks.

European students coming here have to pass a very strict language test after which they are entitled to exactly what a British student would receive in the way of freebies. The same applies for British students applying to study in Europe.

I find it hard to believe that you could pass a language aptitude test to the required standard in every single EU language so I suggest you start by telling us which languages you are totally fluent in.

Which of these countries in Asia would be the best for me?

I am a teenager in America, and I know I am a blank canvas with potential in the entertainment industry. I am interested in doing radio, music, and acting.
I do not want to stay in America, but pursue a career in the Asian market.
Now, I have many things in my heritage and a very cultured family so I would not look like the steriotypical tourist with the Hawaiian shirts and cameras; but I am having a hard time decideing were I want to go.

I have it down to:
+ Beijing, China.
+ Tokyo, Japan.
+ Taipei, Taiwan.

If you have any other asian countries you would suggest please include,
but I have access to learning any language with the area I live in, and
the diverse language oppertunities offered.

10pts. To Best Answer,

Thank you!

Dear Weasly:

I really prefer Japan. I’m going back again next year.
Stay clear of Despotic Countries like Beijing, China.

Here are your "Marching-Orders" to be Successful:
*Save as much Money as you are able, to sustain yourself.
(The yen is a very strong currency. $1 = 83 yen)
*Gain more Maturity & Sophistication.
*Get some Technical Training while you are here in the U.S.
(You must set yourself Apart from Millions of other "Blanks"!)
*Effectively Learn the Japanese Language & Kanji !!
*Educate yourself about THEIR Culture & Customs.
*Nurture any & all Contacts in the Japanese Entertainment Industry.
* Make A Plan
"Work" your plan!

Good Luck!

What is the best country to live in Europe?

In a few years I would like to work and live abroad in another country other then Canada, I would either live there for a couple of years or a very long time. I was born in England, where half my family lives, the other half in Germany, only my parents live in Canada. I Speak English, alright German (currently learning), decent french (spoke for quite a long time). I’d also want a decent party kind of life along with decent work.

Spain (southern Spain)

I arrived here in 2001, and I am still here.

Best regards from Mijas Costa (Malaga)