Best country in Europe to be foreign exchange student?

I’m filling out my application to be a foreign exchange student, and I’m torn between a few countries. Right now it’s either Germany, Sweden, Norway, or Denmark, but I’m not sure. What is the best country to be a foreign exchange student in? I’m very open-minded and looking to spend time with people who are also open-minded and are semi down to earth. I don’t want to live in a rural area, I prefer a more urban setting with the culture still around new thriving modern age uprooting into society. If you could help me out and give your opinion on the best place to live in Europe or your thoughts on different countries, please comment. :)

i live in malta and we get a lot of students here cause they seem to like it, mostly because of the night life

What’s the best Asian country to live in? Including money, living situation and more.?

I might be moving there (somewhere) from Los Angeles, since the economy here is dying out :-( but I don’t know where to go that’s safe, the money is better, and easier jobs, and where they are nice to foreigner and accepting of them!


Best places to live in Europe?

I’m doing a assignment and I have to choose a country in europe and research it. Somewhere that has an easy language to learn, is very beautiful, peaceful, interesting and happy. And it might have to be famous enough to have enough research, but that is optional. Thanks! xoxoxoxoxo

You really shouldn’t have too much trouble doing the research no matter what country you choose. I’ve been living in Italy for the last eleven years and it’s wonderful here. In addition to the beautiful scenery of the lakes, mountains, sea & beaches and the hill towns, Italy has great art, architecture, music, and historical sites. There are lots of interesting cultural traditions most of which are celebrated in local festivals which you could write about. In addition, there’s the food. Every region and town has it’s specialties and some of those have an interesting story behind the origin – sometimes more than one story since some things go far back in time.

which is the best country in the world to retire?

Living in US and Canada with a pension plan is almost impossible, considering expenses and for a private RRSP is estimated you need half a million to live comfortably, but where Americans, Brits and Canadians can enjoy retirement in a cheap paradise outside their countries….

I’ve done it. I’m a UK citizen and therefore can live and retire anywhere in the EC, I chose the delightful island of Cyprus, specifically the holiday hot spot of Ayia Napa.. There are literally tens of thousands of UK citizens retired here and we enjoy a very high standard of living in a very low crime area.

US and Canadian citizens don’t have that right and few countries still offer retirement visas. Thailand and Costa Rica do and I believe that Belize may be possible. Worth researching if it interests you.

If you can’t leave the USA it’s worth looking at :-

This ranks the 50 states by rising cost of living. To give an example, New York costs about 130% of the national average to live in and is cold in winter whereas Tennessee is less than 90% of average and definitely warmer. Useful info if money is short.

Best country to live in on Foreign Exchange and Why?

I am with Rotary, 17 years old, female. I really want some reason as to why you think a certain country or countries are worth living in for my entire junior year of high school.

My choices are:

Czech Republic

I am looking for a unique experience in a country where I most likely won’t have the opportunity of living there again. So far, the countries that appeal to me are Brazil, Thailand, India, or Turkey. Please let me know your thoughts.

I think Thailand, Turkey, Brazil, and Japan sound really cool! Good luck choosing!

Whats The Best Country In Europe For A Young Black Male To Live.?

I’m Portuguese and black. But I look black. I have family in Portugal who I do not know since I really do not know my father and his side. I’m not fluent it the language either. All I know is that during the 1960’s part of his side. Came to America.

Other then that where are some good countries that I can live at. Where I will not endure huge amounts of racism. I’m 18 by the way. I always wanted to live in Europe. Also to see my family.

Thanks. What age is a good age to move there. Or should I move after I get my 4 year degree.

So you’re white mixed with Black?

Well, first off, you’re going to face racism everywhere. It’s Europe, the majority of the people here are obviously white, not to say we are all racist of course. One place is not anymore racist then another.

Unless you are a Portuguese citizen, it would be impossible to do it. You need to be highly educated. With a masters degree in a field that is highly in need. You can’t move there without a job offer, and it cost a lot of money for them to offer you a job to be a cashier. They won’t do it, especially if they can get any portuguese citizen to do it, Secondly even with a masters degree, that still does NOT guarantee you will be offered a job to move there. This is how it works. Portugal has to find a Portuguese person to do the job, if they don’t then they HAVE to (by law) look in the WHOLE European union (20 countries +), And then they will look for a person from the Americas, but in all honesty the chances of them NOT finding a European to do the job is unlikely. There will be someone to do the job. It is very hard to live in Europe if you are not European. You need a high level university education.

What is the best country to live in? (besides your own)?

What is the best country to live in? No particular criteria, just overall, in your personal opinion!


1) You’re not allowed to pick your own country! But please state it as well with your answer :)

2) If you live in USA or Canada you can’t pick the other one as your answer.

3) If you live in Australia or New Zealand same rules apply.

4) You can’t pick a bordering country to your own that speaks the same language.


I live in South Africa, and would prefer to live in Thailand