What are the freest, best countries to live in the world?

I heard Finalnd, Canada, Austrilia, England, sweeden, switzerland, are the best countries in the world to live, i never been there, is this true, i am american, and i can tell you first hand for the people who dont live here, that america is not free.

US, NZ, Singapore. It depends what you mean freest. Gun control is a big issue to me so the US is the best. Singapore if you want to run a business. NZ if you had to leave to US and wanted something similar. Australia is nice, but way to socialist. (been there 4 times)

If you think Canada is free look at what they pay in taxes. Do you want to work for the state and have stuff rationed to you? Australia is the same. Places like Switzerland, Norway, Sweden over %60 of your income goes to taxes.

Which country is best?

I am thinking about retiring in the nearest future. Which is best country to spent my rest life do you think?

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What Asian country would be best for a Western single parent family to live in?

I’m thinking of moving to Asia for 6 months or a year to teach English, and I would take my two preschoolers with me. Japan, South Korea, or other. Any knowledge or experience would be great!

I don’t speak any other languages

Japan and South Korea will pay the most, however, Japan is somewhat difficult to teach without experience and education (which I’m not sure if you have) and South Korea has somewhat of a bad rep. Since you have 2 preschoolers I would say try indonesia. The pay is lower though it is realatively cheap to live there, you can easily hire maids to clean the house and watch the kids and supposedly teaching english is regarded quite well there. Thailand you won’t make enough. If money is not a worry for you I would go and teach in the philippines. Only country in Asia that has english as a national language, along with other languages. The philippines has extremely friendly people, cheap living, americanized areas like in manila, generally safe though others will argue, and the scenery is amazing with great beaches volcanoes and rice terraces. The downside is that you will have a hardtime finding a paying job. Volunteers are always needed but since it is an English speaking country they are not hard off for english teachers. Here is a great sight to get an idea: