I’m American, What’s the Best Country to Live In?

I was thinking of moving somewhere in Europe for a year or so but I’m not sure which would be the best place? It doesn’t have to be European but I want somewhere with rich culture, and a place I could learn the language and be amerced in their culture. It would be nice to hear from people who have lived in different places. Also, I’ve never been to any other country not even Canada or Mexico.
Chicago is not another country.

I was thinking The Netherlands! I wanted more examples of places like this.

Hm, I’d say maybe Italy… Really rich over there, plus all the history of that place, wow!

Don’t move to Australia though, it’s a nice place to live but the culture is dead here.

Anyone traveled overland through SE Asia?

I’m flying to Bangkok in 2 weeks, and plan to do a round trip Thailand – Laos – Vietnam – Cambodia – Thailand. I’m traveling overland so will be crossing borders by land.

Does anyone know the best way to get visas for these countries? I live in a country with no Vietnam Embassy so I can’t get one here.

Suggestions from people with experience of this please…no websites as I can google myself.

Oh….and any tips of things to see would also be great! :)


Visa rules/requirements depend on your nationality. For Thailand, you can probably get an entry stamp.

A tourist visa for Vietnam must be issued before arrival and the typical visa is valid for 30 days. The visa begins to expire from the day it is issued, so it is a good idea to get your visa as close as possible to your intended arrival date. Extension of Vietnamese visas is possible once you are in Vietnam.

I suggest that you get your Vietnamese tourist visa in Bangkok – it takes about three working days. The embassy is located on Witthayu (Wireless) Road.

For Cambodia, get tourist visa at arrival atPhnom Penh airport, on-line
or at major border crossings.

For Lao PDR, visa on arrival is reliably available at most overland crossings between Thailand and Laos, including the Huay Xai, Vientiane, Savannakhet, Tha Khaek and Chong Mek entry points.
It is also available at both Vientiane and Luang Prabang airports (US$30 – cash only, one passport photo).
Visa on arrival is not available at the Paksan crossing. Nor is it available at the Cambodia crossing.

Best South Asia country to retire in?

I’m an American thinking about retiring in a South Asian country where the American dollar values well with the currency rate – Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia etc.. But I would still want to work because I want to not because I have to. Which country is easiest to get a job maybe teaching English, visas, and best for health care?

For easy teaching job and dollar value Bangladesh is good, but when you consider many other things I would recommend Malaysia. Good luck