i would like to move to Philippines or Malaysia ?

i would like to move to Philippines or Malaysia ?
what is the best country in south Asia for living ?

what i should do?

which kind of business i can run there ?

how about some one dose not to much money ?

The Philippines are very nice & most of the people speak English.
However you cannot own a business or work here.
You will most likely need $1,000 US per month to live.
Sorry I cannot tell you about Malaysia.

What is the best country to live in?

I currently live in Australia but always wanted to go to Fiji because of the beaches or Canada to see the snow. What country do you think would be the best to live in and why?

i live in america but i would have to say australia :) everybody is really nice there, beautiful beaches, and beautiful women. and snow is nothing special. i used to go to canada all the time for hockey, and it was ALWAYS below zero, everytime i went, it sucked. and everybody there made fun of me all because i had a texan accent (im from texas), n then after they made fun of me they went on to tell me what a horrible person i was for living in america and how could I do that to those poor iraqis. so canada sucks and all canadians can kiss my ass, but australia rocks, and so does new zealand

I am a female INTJ. If I want to live/work in a country in Asia, which country will be the best option?

And, which country should I definitely avoid? FYI, I am 20+.
Thanks for the answer and suggestion. The reason why I put it in this category because I want to ask particularly about the country that will suit my personality best.

Great, I’m INTJ as well. I’d say Korea since it has advanced tech and several job opportunities too, especially if you’re going to teach. Just make sure to go to Seoul or some other big cities. Whether you go to Korea or Japan, you’ll find that people are respectful and have amazing work ethics. Generally, I think Japanese people are more soft-spoken and polite with all their constant bowing compared to Koreans, who are more brisk and to-the-point. Both countries suit my personality because they (as nations) uphold values similar to mine

Best foreign country for an early retirement? No habla espaniol but willing to try.?

Not looking to blaze new trails so much. Just wondering about places to get away and retire in comfort, earlier than I would be able to here in the States. So some language concerns, no taxes for $ brought in, low cost of living, high quality of life, safety, healthcare are all considerations. Thoughts?
I guess I should add that I have a hard time living in a country where one of the major political parties can sabotage the recovery efforts of the govt, tell our lenders (China) our money is no good, kill job stimulus, and then kick the unemployed in the teeth while they, the real victims of this recession, are down. Only a few years ago, it was all United We Stand this so shut up about the deficit and United We Stand that so shut up about the Constitution too. Now, it’s all about doing the worst economic thing possible, denying UI benefits, in the name of fiscal responsibility while not touching the trillions in corporate welfare to Big Pharma, Big Insurance, Big Oil, more 1st amendment rights to foreign corporations than U.S. citizens, etc. Sorry to rant, but I have been abroad many times. I know there are many places where politicians and govt work for the people. Too bad our country is going downhill so quickly.

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