What countries are best and easiest for Americans to move to?

I am looking to work abroad (preferably teach abroad). I have always wanted to live in Europe, but have heard endlessly that it is near impossible for Americans to move there successfully. I keep hearing that different countries in Asia are best, but I really have no interest in going to Asia. What other countries are best or easiest for Americans to move to?

Are there any programs that would make this process easier? There is so much on the web, I just don’t know where to start!

go through here and get an idea about countries http://www.moversglobal.com/moving_to_australia.html

What’s the best country live in?

I’m from Mongolia. I’m just wondering which country is more attractive to live?

Here’s the UN’s list from last year

“Most Livable” Countries, 2005
1. Norway
2. Iceland
3. Australia
4. Luxembourg
5. Canada
6. Sweden
7. Switzerland
8. Ireland
9. Belgium
10. United States
11. Japan
12. Netherlands
13. Finland
14. Denmark
15. United Kingdom
16. France
17. Austria
18. Italy
19. New Zealand
20. Germany

I live in Canada – and it’s very very nice

Which country I have to choose to study in ? Please help , very important?

I live in a f**kin’ country named Iran , in Asia continent , I was born in 1993 , so I’m about 17 years old now , and I’m in 3rd Grade of High-School , and I’ll get my Diploma in June,1993. My marks are good and I want to study in Europe after I get my Diploma. but I don’t know what country to choose, I’ve chosen some countries such as : Poland, Sweden, Austria and many more but don’t know the costs and fees, I (better to say my parents) can’t pay a lot of money , I say lot of money cause countries like England are really expensive, what’s the best country for me to study in ? Iceland , Norway … ?!!

+ I love music (Rock/Metal) and I wish to study music , but I also love to study Philosophy-Literature. for example it would be great to study Music in "Austria" or Philosophy-literature in "Germany" ,

please help me buddies, thanks

I can list some websites with music schools, which might help you out. I think these schools are all in England though. If money is an issue you could consider applying for aid.


You might also want to consider Singapore, they have a lot of good schools. And Singapore is a whole lot cheaper than Europe. America has a ton of great schools too, but is definitely more expensive than Singapore.

Good luck!

What country in Europe would be the best to live in for a year?

I am 16 and going to be a foreign exchange student and I am curious about what country would be a fun and interesting place to live in for a year. Please give a reason why too, thanks :)

Different European Countries can offer different experience for an exchange student so your choice should be based on your personal preferences, interests and what you expect to get from that year.

Are you more of a city person or are you interested in the nature? Do you want to visit museums and study art during your stay or would you prefer enjoying a bit of night life and clubbing with friends (certain European countries have more lenient rules when it comes night entertainment and it’s perfectly legal for a 16 year old to enter a club while other countries don’t allow minors).

Are you at all interested in learning the language of the country or would you prefer a country where you can easily get by with English?

The climate also varies through Europe. If you absolutely can’t stand cold, you want to avoid the North. If an idea of countless rainy days does not sound tempting, stay away from UK.

Remember that Europe is reasonably small and traveling is pretty affordable, especially if you have student card, so even though you have to pick only 1 country to live in, you will have an opportunity to visit many others.

Hope you have a great and memorable year.

Wheres the best place to have an educational tour?

Hi everyone…i’m a computer engineering student and our class is going to have a educational tour..we are planning to have it in Singapore..

Does anyone knows where’s the best place for our educational tour?
This country should have a low cost of living. i mean they should have cheap grocery items or having low prizes. Visa should also not be needed on this country and this country should be in Asia.

Note: Im from the Philippines so better suggest me countries near to us.

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Which do you think is of best country to live in?

Off lately, I have been hearing a lot of arguments about US is best, Australia is best, India is best yada yada yada .. I would like to throw this question out in the open and see what do people think is the best place to live in.

Any country where the GDP is large in number, life expectancy is high, housing is affordable, the majority of its inhabitants are respectful, and the standard of living is high.