What country in asia is a good place to live first?

According to laws and money. :)
I know Japan is expensive. I want to live somewhere inexpensive.

Welcome to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient! Its stunning Victoria Harbour and The Peak have just been rated as Asia’s No.1 skyline by a Japanese TV Station. If you like clean, lawful and orderly HK is it and it doenst prohibit freedom of expression as many places in S E Asia.

HK has rich culture and history of a perfect blend of the west and east, it’s one of the most foreigner-friendly place on earth. Walk up the Escalator which begins from Central District and goes all the way up to the mid Levels. Along the Escalator you’ll come across the early English settlement near Aberdeen Street, you’ll also pass by Soho, South of Hollywood Rd which gives a very distinct bar and restaurant street. Hollywood Rd is the famous antique street where genuine Chinese antique are sold.
From Causeway Bay – Central District – Tsimshatsui District – Mongkok District along the MTR (subway) route are where most of the fascinating shoppings, restaurants, night life and gorgeous harbour view lies.
If you like green, sea and nature, and are not in a rush in going to places visiting one of the outlying islands ie the Silvermine Bay of Lantau Island is quite relax and gives a completely different impression of Hong Kong than the one often see in pictures. You’ve to catch a ferry from the Central Pier right outside IFC Building. The ferry trip takes about 20 minutes, a very nice ride if you like the sea and not in a rush.
Another beautiful mountain and sea area is Sai Kung District, there’s a Seafood Street where you can handpick life seafood, have the restaurant cook them any way you like and enjoy it in front of the sea. There’re many beautiful mountain trails in Hong Kong, there’s one that goes all the way down to Aberdeen from the Peak. It’ll take more than an hour to walk down. In Aberdeen District (you could also take a bus in Central, Causeway Bay or Wanchai Districts to get there), the boat restaurant "JUMBO" lying out in the sea is quite amusing.

HK is renowned as the world’s shopping and dining paradise. You can eat like a billionaires, in the same token there’re many affordable places with unbelivable prices. HK has the cheapest McDonald’s prices on earth. A Cantonese wonton noodle soup is only around HK$15. A popular Chinese fast food chain all over the city, the De Coral Fast Food, with set meals under HK$30.
Buying brand names is popular in HK since there’s zero sales tax nor import tariffs, brand names are often 10% – 50% cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Street vendors or flea markets is another interesting shopping paradise, they have all sorts of products selling at knockoff prices, eg the Ladies Street, the evening Temple Street vendors in Kowloon side, Stanley Market in HK side etc. Small street shops in Mongkok and Causeway Bay Districts may give you surprises too. There’re also many street vendors located in small side streets of Central District, Wan Chai District, near Johnston Road and Causeway Bay District, opposite to Sogo in the other side of the Henessy Road, that sell factory exports "left-overs". Most prices in HK are fixed, you may be able to bargain a few $ though in small shops and street vendors. You will hardly find any fakes or copies in HK as the law enforcement is rather strict.
Everywhere in Hong Kong is well connected by its efficient and timely public transportation system, the MTR (subway), big and mini buses. Cost is from under US$1 – $2 per ride. It’s easiest to travel by MTR which runs pass all the central shopping and business districts, then either connect to a bus or walk to your destination. Separate fares are charged for each ride. Star Ferry that crosses the Victoria Harbour, and the Island Tram that runs from the East (Shaukeiwan District) to the West (Kennedy Town) of the HK Island are only HK$2 per ride which is a must for tourists. If you like exploring on your own, simply follow the map, people on the streets always happy to offer directions. HK is one of the most foreigner-friendly cities on earth, plus lots of fun and excitment, visitors often find the place the most vibrant, exciting city that never sleeps, even when you get bored at 3 AM, you could go and have a drink in the bar or even have a delicious late snack. Convenience Stores are located in almost every corner of the main streets and are opened around the clock. The best of all, HK is extremely easy to get around being supported by affordable and well connected public transportation. Hongkongers are very responsive, efficient and persistent in their work that make shopping, dining or doing business a very wonderful experience. You’ll also notice that Hongkongers will automatically stand by the side when walking up and down the stairs and escalators, not blocking those behind, which many Asian places are now following suit. www.DiscoverHongKong.com and have a wonderful stay!

the best country easy country to migrate?

I was wondering which country is the best to migrate? cause I have tired of living in aisa anymore and I really wanted to migrate to another place, like europe or somewhere nice, in the meaning time I wanted to work in the both country ( my mother country and immigrate country, is it hard to apply? how long I have wait?
only me, single person to migrate

Actually, the stereotype that Europe is overcrowded and not in need of skilled or talented people simply isn’t true any more. There are shortages in a wide variety of areas and European countries are facing a lack of talent, not necessarily a lack of people…. and each European country is tackling things differently.

So, to answer the original question, it really depends on you, your background, education and work skills to date. There are more and more opportunities…. but these are more and more focused on individuals, not mass migration.

Which is the best country to live in?How about New Zealand or Australia?

What is NZ/Australia like to live in?
what would be any posisble problems if a family wanted to move from the UK, to NZ/australia?

What is their economy like?
what are like to immigrants?
What is their way of life like?

sorry for all the questions!

well i was born in NZ but have lived in Australia the past 10 years.

NZ is cold, but if your from the UK its probably warm. Accepting of immigrants easily, enconomy isn’t going that great atm, and the NZ dollar isn’t very strong. Beautiful scenery only a short drive away nomatter where you live. Its very cultural, with the Maori heritage. Great skiing and recreational, but hardly any jobs.

AUSTRALIA, beautiful country. Great climate. most costal areas are very humid in australia excluding Victoria. Economy is fantastic, extremely strong aussie dollar (almost matching the US dollar), plenty of jobs. 75% of australia are immigrants. Aussies are very accepting people in general.
Plenty to do. House prices are a little steep atm, but are slowly going down.

thats a brief summary. do a bit of research into aussie and nz, will give you a better idea.

As far as i know there wouldn’t be too many problems relocating, legally wise etc..

both NZ and aussie have websites that give all the info on immigration and procedure.

hope that helps!

Where’s the best place in the world to live?

I’m thinking about relocating to a new country. I’m n ot interested in the US. Europe or South East Asia would be OK.
It has to be a place where there are lots of tourists, as my work is related to them. Near a beach would be good. Not terribly expensive. Freindly people, English speaking would be a plus, although I speak spanish nearly fluently.
Any ideas??

How about Hawaii, it is not really the US! Or Guam!

Which country in Eastern Europe is the best for a black person to live in without getting abuse?

My friends are black and want to move to Eastern Europe to further their business (don’t ask what). Another person travelling with them is asian and from China.

So which country is the best for him to live in without getting abuse? I have heard that lots of people there are racist? Do Eastern Europeans accept asians (Chinese) too or do they get abused?

I just need a few suggestions. Thanks.

Depends on what you describe as Eastern Europe. If you speak of Central Europe and countries in the EU such as Poland, Hungary, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and so on, then you won’t have much problems, people are pretty tolerant (maybe a little cold, but not abusive). If you speak of Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and the rest of the Eastern Europe, I really don’t know enough about them to be able to give you any advice.

The US is the best country to take a vacation in and Canada is the best country to live in. Agree?

Canadians have it good, with the US so close by. And the dollar is close to par these days.

Both countries are equally diverse in terms of vacation (holiday) opportunities. I will stick with this comparison, since the stated question does not deal with Bora Bora or some other location that is irrelevant in this case.

In either country, you can choose a domestic location that almost seems like another country. Toronto is nothing like Montreal. Boston is nothing like Las Vegas. Both coutries feature diverse cultures and a variety of spoken languages.

The best place to live depends on your political views and climatic preferences. Canada has socialized medicine and is liberal in their political leanings as compared with the USA. The USA has private medical coverage, with government assistance on a proven need basis. While they have liberal representation in government, a conservative leadership currently prevails by popular vote.

What country spans both Europe and Asia?

1. What country spans both Europe and Asia?

* India
* Russia
* Greece
* Saudi Arabia

2. Which of the following is not true about the Pacific Ring of Fire?

* It is an arc of intense seismic activity.
* It includes the northern edge of Alaska.
* It is a zone of frequent earthquakes.
* It is the result of plate tectonics.

3. What Asian body of water contains 20 percent of the planet’s surface fresh water?

* The Yangtze River
* Lake Taupo
*Lake Baikal
* The Dead Sea

4. What geological characteristic do the countries in the Pacific Ring of Fire share?

* They are susceptible to typhoons.
* They experience significant seismic activity.
* Their volcanoes are dormant.
* Their landscapes are entirely flat.

5. Which country features the Tigris and Euphrates rivers?

* Egypt
* China
* Iraq
* Israel

6. Which of the following best describes Shintoism?

*This Japanese religion worships ancestors and natural spirits.
* This is a Chinese philosophy centering on self-awareness.
* It is a branch of Hinduism that worships sacred animals.
* It is a sect of Islam that follows a literal interpretation of the Quran.

7. What island nation lies between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean?

* Japan
* Sri Lanka
* The Philippines Islands
* New Zealand

8. The Himalayas span all of the following countries except

* India.
* China.
* Mongolia.
* Nepal.

9. China and India share a distinction regarding their populations. What is it?

* Approximately two-thirds of their populations live in urban areas.
* Both populations have grown to more than one billion people.
* About 20 percent of their populations are immigrants.
* Each has reversed its growing trend.

10. In which region of Asia would you find the Gobi Desert?

* East Asia
* Western Asia
* South Asia
* Southeast Asia

* Russia.
* It includes the northern edge of Alaska
* Lake Baikal
* They experience significant seismic activity.
* Iraq
* This Japanese religion worships ancestors and natural spirits
* The Philippines Islands
* Mongolia.
* Both populations have grown to more than one billion people.
* East Asia

What would be the best country in Europe to live in?

I’m doing a school project and, based on the following details, what would be the best European country to live in?

-I don’t like the sun very much; it hurts my eyes.
-I’d love to have to learn a foreign language.
-I’m not a big fan of crowded places.
-I don’t want to pay 1,500 dollars rent for a 12×24 apartment, though I don’t have to have a HUGE house.
-Meat/Fish and Bread are my edible lovers. hehe (Weird way of putting it, but you know what I mean, right?)
-I’d like to NOT be hated by others because I’m American and because my father is Hatian, thanks.
Thanks in Advance! If I left out any info that you might need, feel free to say so.

I personally suggest you should go to northern Europe, Scandinavia. Norway is one of the countries in scandinavia, it only has about 4 million people in the country, so very low population. They have very good meat/fish. Fish is loved in their culture. Very beautiful country, mountains and fjords in the north, and western parts of Norway. Norwegian is a very cool language. The only downside is that it is expensive in Norway, since it is one of the richest countries in the world. But that also means you would have a higher wage as well. Sweden is similar to norway except not as mountainous and no fjords. Also slightly cheaper than Norway. Denmark is also a good place to stay at.

What is the best country to retire in central america + warm weather-wise?

Affordable Housing, low crime, Hurricane free. decent Hospital care, close to Paradise but not to close; lots of years to go I Hope ?

Well none of the seven Central American countries have what you want:

*Affordable Housing: You can find it in all of the Central American Countries

*Low Crime: Oh man, this is hard. Central America is the most dangerous region in the world according to the UN. This situation is worse in the Northern Triangle (Specially in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador; but increasingly in Nicaragua, Belize remains as the safiest country in Northern Central America), but in Costa Rica and Panama the situation is not good either. These two countries have levels more similar to those found in South America, but they are still dangerous.

*Hurricane Free: Only Panama, and it still have risk of flooding.

*Decent Hospital Care: Costa Rica and Panama.

*Close to the paradise: San Jose is surrounded by volcanoes and rain-forest. Panama City has rain-forest as well. Guatemala City and Tegucigalpa lie between beautiful mountains. Belmopan, has rain-forest. Managua and San Salvador are close to lakes and beaches.

In resume none of the countries have all you need. Crime and Hurricanes are major problems.

Here are the choices:

*Belize: Only English speaking country in the region. It is a beautiful country, and the only country in Northern Central America with no maras. It has a well preserved rain-forest. Houses are really cheap. Devasting hurricanes from June to November. Coastal Flooding year-round. If you do not know spanish, Belize is your option.

*Guatemala: It is a real paradise: volcanoes, rain-forest, beaches, mountains…. The worst part: High crime levels, violent earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding… But you have to consider that the living cost is low, so it is a really good option. If you now how to take care about your safety, Guatemala should be your option.

*El Salvador: Well, rain-forest were cutted many years ago. But it still have beautiful volcanoes and small rain-forest areas in well preserved National Parks. People very friendly like in the rest of the region. Safety? 14 deaths daily because of the gangs, maras, etc. Natural Hazards? You’re in the Land of the Volcanoes (they are an attractive, but also some of them are active), earthquakes, some hurricanes. El Salvador is a good option, because is an small country with a lot of things. You won’t spent many money in transport. But safety is piece of sh.. here.

*Nicaragua: Let me see, you have the second largest rain-forest in Latin America here. Many volcanoes, the largest Lake in Central America (it even have sharks), rivers. Safety? it is a dangerous country but safer than Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. What about natural hazards? this country is EXTREMELY SUSCEPTIBLE TO HURRICANES, also destructive earthquakes, and of course volcanic activity. Landslides are not rare. As the poorest country in the region, the living coast is really low, so if you have money come to Nicaragua. But do not forget the political instability and take care on the streets.

*Honduras: Rain-forest, mountains, and some of the best beaches in the region (if not the best), Honduras is a real paradise. But it is a dangerous country, the most dangerous in the region. Despite being Volcano free (oh yes! no eruptions), Honduras is susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes. The living coast is low, so Honduras is an attractive option. You have many places to go.

*Costa Rica: Rain-forest is the biggest attraction, also volcanoes, beaches and rivers. Costa Rica has political stability, a decent Hospital Care and Affordable Housing. But the safety is getting really bad; however is the safest of all the region’s countries. Natural Hazards? Costa Rica lies between two tectonic plates, so EARTHQUAKES ARE A MAJOR PROBLEM, also hurricanes along the Caribbean Coast. Costa Rica is also among the best ones, in fact many people retire here, but the living cost is higher than that of Northern Central American countries.

*Panama: Rain-forest, the Canal, beaches… Panama is the richest country in the region, it has the best Hospital Care. Panama is a little bit more dangerous than its northern neighbor of Costa Rica. But Natural Hazards are not a big problem, as Hurricanes rarely hit the country (for example the Hurricane Mitch did not affected it).

You have the last choice, I would choose either Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala or Honduras.

What is The best country to live in if you are not retired?

I have always been interested in European countries, but I’m open to anything. tell me the good and bad about the country. also, do you know of any degrees that you can earn in the u.s. (where I live now) the are accepted in other countries?

Its impossible to tell. It would depend on your interests and how you want to spend your retirement. So first get a list of what you want to do and what type of scenery you want to live by. Then come back and ask this question.