Best country in Europe to call home?

which is the best country in Europe to call home ? Italy, Spain, UK, Ireland, France, Portugal…?
which country will provide me with a good qualify of life and job’s opportunity’s.
i speak English Portuguese, Italian and I’m learning Spanish which is easy for me because its so similar to Portuguese
I’m a dual citizen Italian/Brazilian so i can live and work legally in Europe. but i only been to the EU when i was a kid. i live in USA !!!!


czech republic, prague

the car u drive look at urs!!?

Passionate and romantic, you fancy yourself. A bit unreliable, and can be eccentric too. You hate BMW drivers, but think and act just like them.

You would like to believe you are part of the new generation that is caring, environmentally conscious and family-orientated. Actually quite boring; nothing more than a glorified wuss. Will one day probably drive a Merc, but you still sometimes wonder if you shouldn’t have bought that Bee-Em.

Self-centred, ambitious, dynamic and assertive. Can be a big show-off pig. Likes impressing too. Buppies and kugels past sell-by date. You think you will be CEO one day. Actually an office weenie who thinks you are God’s gift.

Faceless, subservient and demure (except for Matiz drivers). To you, a good deal is to work from nine to five, get nothing for it, and still say thank you. And then you wonder why you don’t have money for a time after hours.

You still live in the 70’s, trying to cope with the 90’s (don’t even mention the millennium). A loyal, diligent worker, but baffled by office politics and labour policies. Next car will probably also be a Ford.

You are the ultimate on-road idiot. You think your 80s model Commodore is a V8 supercar, OR you think by owning a Barina you’re a true Holden fan. You’re either a redneck or a way-too-standard family parent – but either way, you most likely drive like you’re the only person on the road. You’re even ignorant enough to argue that the new Commodore is better than the new Ford.

You aspire to drive a BMW. You are an opinionated pain-in-the-butt. The ultimate suffragette, or the boss’s girlfriend (male or female!).

You like the smell of diesel and have secret fantasy of being a truck driver.

Hyundai /Kia
Quite progressive, intelligent and practical. But misguided. The kind of person who will suggest a sub-committee to find solutions to what the committee couldn’t. You will always maintain that a Korean car is better than any Japanese model.

You would like to believe you are living the American dream and just love the great outdoors. The closest you get to it is by watching Days of Our Lives and the Adventure Channel.

Land Rover
You are a designer person with a designer life, who always pays too much for everything. Designer mud comes free with the badge. You’re a closet colonial racist and have fantasies about the Queen. If you have a Freelander, it was probably a break-up gift from your ex.

A Ford driver with less money. Mostly staid boring with no image and less imagination. Lots of retired people drive Mazdas. You’re in the way and should get off the road.

Responsible, immaculate and conservative. Boring CEO clones with too much money, or the office super-geek who can’t remember what it’s like to have fun. Definitely not dating material.

Good, solid, responsible, loyal office-fodder. You like to travel and maintain that you can sell ice to the Eskimos. Favourite answer: "It’s a company car."

Not as label-conscious as your Land Rover counterpart, but still suckered into believing in the ultimate Paris-to-Dakar, African adventure. You drive through puddles to create your own designer mud. You believe you’ve made the grade, but everyone else knows you’ve got a long way to go.

Thinks France is the best country in the world and bores everybody with your limited French knowledge and tales of the Louvre and the Sourbonne.

Small dick or mid-life crisis.

An eccentric who likes doing things the wrong way around. Usually the one who asks all the silly questions at staff meetings. You fervently believe you have flair, but it’s less than that of a French cookbook. Most probably gay.

A make-believe fool, because you’d like a Pajero but can’t afford it. Don’t actually know that the engines are made in India and not in Germany.

Although there are thousands of them, you mostly can’t spot them in their zero-image cars. Toyotas are good, reliable cars and are bought by a wide variety of people who have zero personality to go with their cars and are basically chicken-shit scared people who will never take chances and will therefore be driving Toyotas forever.
The most zero-image car in the world?, … a white Corolla

Highly overrated for dependability cars since the days of the Beetle, but they do have a good re-sale value. Usually practical, sensible people who like to drive fast where nobody can see them. They are usually loyal to their brand to the point of irritation due to the fact that they lost their virginity on a Beetle’s back seat.

As square and safe as the car

Omg! That is just like me I drive a Jeep! I’m happy my boy friend doesn’t drive a Porsche!! LOL

If you were retired and could settle in any country, which country would you pick?

Saudi Arabia by far!! You can settle down in that beautiful country, pray in the Masjids in peace every day, be surrounded by Muslims, eat Halaal food!!!

And of course, you can live in one of many beautiful cities, and visit Makkah and Madinah whenever you please!!

Saudi is the closest country to being the best in the world.

Off-course, it has to be Saudi Arabia, and the city of my choice will be Madina.

Many of my friends and relatives who have stayed in Mecca and Madina for prolonged periods, often say that In Mecca you feel the Jalal Of Allah Swt. the people there are also a bit stern, but In Madina you feel the Rehmat, the people there are also very soft spoken, loving and caring.

I personally have not experienced it but many have told me.

Wa maa arsalnaaka Illah rehamatill Alamin.

So Madina InshahAllah will be my first choice, i will be able to visit Mecca as many times as i wish. Ohh Allah ! what a luck !

Do you think I can ever make a megastucture if I live in a third world country?

I’m a Civil Engineering student. I am so ambitious and passionate with Civil Eng, that I want to create a megastructure comparable to the Beijing Olympic stadium or the Palm Island. But I live in a third world country and I want my dream megastructure to be built on there.

I have good grades in my math and physics and I’m very confident that I’ll be hired abroad.
Where’s the best place to work in asia (in terms of income) when I’ll be graduating at 2013.
I heard the economy in middle east is fluctuating. If there’s none in asia then where else around the world?

There will be a relocation of US naval base from Okinawa Japan to Guam. There will be a massive build up of infrastructure by the time you graduate. Also, there are developments in Qatar and Abu Dhabi like the Dubai Metro train soon.

Bear in mind that its not only the grades that they consider in hiring engineers. Experience counts. Dont be misled by your ability in schools and the theories you learned. Of course no one can take away from you those skills, but when it comes to the so called real world, you just have to enhance what have you studied and to enhance means to experience in actual job. Get experience first locally and get as much knowledge as you want. Those knowledge will be your tools in landing a good/decent job overseas. Dont settle for being an inspector in a construction site but get those high level positions like coordinators and consultants overseas.

Should I join the military or be a civilian?

Hello, im a freshman in college and I am having a problem deciding what to do with my life

I could join the air force and enjoy decent pay, great housing, chances to fly planes, etc. I have seen the air force officer benefits package and its ideally everything you would want ie security, health, education, base housing,etc. the problem with this is that it severely restricts your personal freedom.

While i like the above things i find that it would limit my life.Its too perfect. I feel like i want to be able to do things like backpack europe or be able to switch jobs whenever i feel like it, be able to live in paris for 4 months then move to canada for a month then japan for a week.

I’m also slightly ashamed to say this but if i did join the air force, serving my country would not be one of my main reasons. The reason for this is that i consider myself an "international citizen" and I also have a polish citizenship. I am not a typical average joe who thinks america is the best. Country borders do not mean much to me and while america is my home, i find that ethnocentrism is a very bad state of mind.

Some people tell me to join the air force because you can retire at 48. I don’t like this comparison as it assumes i want to quickly get through life and my career so i can retire. I want to enjoy my career. It also assumes that my life will be scripted and closed to change and new experiences. That is definitely not something i want, and while the air force could give me lots of good things, it could potentially make my life too scripted and planned out.
Its not like i feel forced to join the military. I have liked the military since i was little, i watch the military channel all the time and Im even almost finished pledging pershing rifles ( a military honor fraternity)

Hello Peter.

Your citizen of the world interest has helped to answer your own question.

You are not the kind of person who would do well in the military services.

Chance to fly airplanes? No. There is no chance to fly airplanes. Only about 3 percent of the Air Force will ever qualify to become an Air Force pilot. It will take 8 years of your life just to be qualified and proficient as a pilot. That is "IF" you are selected, if you pass the flight physical, and pass undergraduate pilot training, and graduate pilot training.

Don’t let the military spend $1 million + dollars on you if you are not serious about defending America or that America is a second best country in the world in your mind.

We only want "Typical Joes who think that America is best" to join up and serve together as a TEAM.

You would not be on our TEAM.

So, finish your college and get that plane ticket to Europe and back pack your way across the Continent. Go visit Poland and see how you like that country.

Best wishes,

Larry Smith
SMSgt, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

Two best horses in the country ?

who do you think are the two best horses in the country right now? at a mile and a quarter. any age, any sex. the older division seems to be pretty weak right now. and amazingly the two best horses in the country may both be fillies. Zenyatta and Rachel Alexandra. which is very remarkable. are there any older horses that im forgetting about? maybe they havent raced yet this year. but from what im remembering most retired. and im not gonna put Commentator above the two fillies. so whos the top two in your opinion?
also, if the two fillies are the best or even amongst the best then why is it not a foregone conclusion that the Breeders Cup Classic be their ultimate goal for the season? i heard Zenyatta is pointing towards the distaff. why?

Einstein deserves a big nod here… a horse that wins on any surface and he’ll really battle to the wire. He’s better on the turf than dirt and wasn’t good enough to beat Curlin on the dirt, but he’s at the top of the older male category this year. The 3 year olds last year were weak and they’re 4 year olds this year which makes the older male category pretty weak. As such, the fillies are the best this year.

Zenyatta is staying within her own division and she has nothing to prove, so if Rachel wants to be Horse of the Year, she needs to come after Zenyatta. The Zenyatta connections actually had an article in the newspaper this weekend about why they were keeping Zenyatta against other mares… it was about their opinion on how to keep a mare like this racing at this caliber… how to maintain a mare at this level of performance. I guess they think putting her against males would take too much out of her. And I think a horse like Einstein would hook up with Zenyatta and really sprint to the wire, giving Zenyatta a run like she’s never faced before.

Best country in latin america to live and work ?

hey people i have to ask what country in latin america is the best to live in ??

p.s somewere that has good jobs and easier to make a bussiness.. ??

Costa Rica

Here in my country Panama. Cost of living is very low and It’s very easy to make a business, People want to invest here every day more

Obviously there is Crime but it’s not as high as other Latin American countries such as El Salvador and Guatemala