How is the best way to move into a country if you don’t know anyone there?

I am moving to South East Asia in a month, don’t know anyone there and don’t have a place to live yet, all I have is work.

What should I be prepared for? and how can I prepare myself?

Have you ever visited this place (ie, for a job interview)?

The company you will be working for should be able to help you, especially in finding a place to live and getting your bearings.

You can also search for the location online – even a tourist information site (or a travel book) will give you some background on the country, brief history, etc. It should also tell you a bit about local customs so you don’t do something that gets you in trouble.

If there is a language barrier, start learning the language! Berlitz or Rosetta Stone have excellent language lessons on CD (probably downloadable now).

But I would start with the company you will be working for. They should be able (and willing) to get you started.

Good luck!


best place to live in europe?

wanna move to europe but where’s the best country or city to live with family and have good benefits like in usa.

Sorry, you lost me there with the "good benefits like in usa." Can you elaborate on that, so I can give a better answer?

Personally, I’d choose somewhere south for the (generally) lower costs and more sunshine, vs. the cold, dreary, high-cost north of Europe where I’ve lived the past 5 years.

Language is a must. And keep in mind that you have to apply for residency and work permission once you have a job offer with a company in the country you wish to move to. The company has to file the offer details with the employment authority, and certify that you are better suited than any available worker in the entire EU and EEC. You pay the fee to apply for residence and work, wait 3-4 months for an answer (which can be "no", by the way–so make sure it’s a solid offer, and that you’re solidly committed to quickly learning language and culture and adapting to it).

why is the USA the best country?

as an Englishman who is currently on business in the USA i feel i must ask this.
As M.D and travelling executive of HuGe LoNg BeLtS Ltd i have nothing but praise for the USA, my business is thriving and due to the USA profits i may now retire.
Thanks Yanks

Sid…this is amazing…and I suspect most unexpected on your part…

You have brought out a bunch of Hate America Firsters!

America is the best country because of:

1 – Liberty
2 – Federalism
3 – Rule of Law
4 – An insight offered by the Frenchman Marbois when discussing the price for the Louisiana Purchase (paraphrasing): "Think about what you are buying…you are not just buying land, you are buying no neighbors…no disputes."

These things make our *government* the best…people are no different anywhere.

Where is the best affordable country to retire in Central America?

low crime, warm climate away from Hurricane,
Not moving to a third world country; I believe in better answer then the one I just readed.

I’m retired and live in Honduras, but did a lot of research and visiting before picking it. Panama, Belize and Costa Rica have the best infrastructure but are much more expensive to live in than Guatemala, Nicaragua or Honduras. For many reasons I didn’t like El Salvador much. I didn’t, and still don’t see that much difference in the crime between any of them and with Daniel Ortega, and his best buddy Chavez back in power in Nicaragua, that leaves Honduras and Guatemala. Honduras’ so called "coup" is over and done with now and every one has high expectations from the new president who definitely knows the value of tourism and the large expat communities in the country. I have found the medical care to be top notch (most of the doctors are US trained) and very inexpensive. Living on the north coast is laid back, easy and, again, low cost. You will pretty much have to take your chances with the hurricanes, but most of C. America is south of the usual hurricane path.

Best country to visit this summer?

I live in the States and usually for summer I either go to Florida, or California, or Europe (ex Greece, Malta and Cyprus). This summer I want to go to Asia with my family. I have made the following shortlist (in no specific order) of countries. Tell me which one do you think is best and why:

* Mauritius
* Seychelles
* Maldives
* India (Goa, Kashmir, Darjeeling and Taj Mahal)
* Thailand (Phuket)
* Singapore and Malaysia (Langkawi)
* Sri Lanka
* Indonesia (Bali)
* Dubai

it depends on what you’re into, really…

mauritius is a lot of buzz and party, as far as I know…..
not much info on seychelles but it looks pretty cool but it can be very crowded as well…
Maldives is totally tropical paradise but very expensive and nothing more awesome than Netherland Antilles, for example, plus it can get VERY crowded in season. if you have a boat you can get out of Male and explore the nearby islands which are coutnless..and get some rest there but it’s expensive to rent a boat.. Maldives are totally heaven for surfers though but it gets pretty crowded there and there’s this need for boat as well to get to remote islands…
India is very interesting, especially Goa and Kashmir as far as I know.. it’s pretty cheap as well… in Goa there’s not much vibe of early days but something is still there.. worth checking out…. but it’s your choice..
Phuket is overrated. crowded- Lots of different people…after some days it get VERY annoying.. Thailand is awesome but not Phuket.. again- up to you, but Phuket is something I don’t suggest…. Thailand itself is totally worth checkin out, really, so think about it. just not phuket..
Singapore itself is amazing but I have not much info about Langkawi… Malaysian islands are totally awesome…if you’re not a surfer and the tide is not what you’re going for, it’s truly a paradise…again- pretty much need for a boat to explore remote beauty but at least it’s cheaper here…
Sri Lanka is my personal favourite of all this list. Great place to relax, meditate, just lay back and enjoy…lost of interesting things, fabulous culture (not Sinhalese though, they belong to India) and real lankans are great people… totally suggest this one…
Indonesia and bali are some of the most crowded places on earth- if you’re going on vacation and want some peace- don’t go there. it’s just overcrowded…. for surfers it’s again a real paradise but even for them it’s too much… the crowds are just immense…
Dubai is awesome if you’re a city type. Lots of interesting new architecture, awesome nightlife, really hot and dry weather, lots of luxury and immense shopping opportunities- if that’s what you’re looking for on a vacation…there are this local culture too but its getting overgrown by all the new stuff… I’d go there just to check the fabulous architecture but otherwise…….

well that’s what i think about all this, in short

Where is the best country in Europe to buy a Toyota Prius?


I am curious about where in Europe I can get the best deal on a Toyota Prius. I live in Poland, where it is sold for roughly 100,000 PLN (about 36,000 USD at the current exchange rate). This seems ridiculously expensive to me, and I am certain that one can be purchased for less elsewhere in Europe. What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

In Britain you can buy them for £20,000.


Why are all these Senators and Congressmen deciding to retire or not to run for re-election?

Evan Bayh announced that he is retiring – joining a growing number of "no-shows" for the November election.

Who else do you think will join them? and if Obama’s agenda is so good for the country, and he’s doing such a ‘great job cleaning up the mess of his predecessor’ (their words, not mine), then why would all these Dems jump ship?

They’ve probably looked at their polling numbers and don’t want to suffer the humiliation of defeat.

Voters have every right to be angry and that anger will be demonstrated in Nov. Hopefully it’s not just the Dems who are aware of this but many of the neocons also need to go. It’s time to clean house and to revitalize this country.

Why is the USA the best country?

as an Englishman who is currently on business in the USA i feel i must ask this.
As M.D and travelling executive of HuGe LoNg BeLtS Ltd i have nothing but praise for the USA, my business is thriving and due to the USA profits i may now retire.
Thanks Yanks

America needs to drop its obsession with being number one. It is time for the United States to become a member of the world community rather than a murderous bully. Obscene over-consumption has become a hallmark of the United States. While not all Americans fall prey to Madison Avenue’s propaganda glamorizing gluttony, many do. People of other industrialized nations enjoy a respectable standard of living without consuming a quarter of the world’s resources (while representing only 5% of the world’s population). Other nations face reprisals and penalties for the violation of international law. Without regard for justice, the United States wields international law like a club or blatantly defies it, depending on what best suits American interests at the time. Ongoing support of repressive regimes (like Saudi Arabia’s) to further America’s economic interests, unflinching support of its proxy military enforcer in the Middle East (Israel), disregard for the plight of the Palestinians, and hypocrisy over who gets to join the "nuclear club" are but a few more examples of how America’s government engenders more abhorrence of America and invites continued terrorism.

I’m American but I move to France,which is the next best country live in after France, Germany or Canada?

America is not on my list anymore

it is up to your job. You should know better. How many years you have lived in France? If many years then you won’t be able to accept the German culture. It is totally different. If you speak french then just go to Canada (Quebec) and all doors are open to you.