What country in Europe is the best to raise family?

Hi, I live in US with a husband and 3 kids. I am thinking about living in Europe for a while in some quiet place, but close to the city. What is the best country to live with good schools, people, healthcare, culture, etc? May be UK or Switzerland?

good healthcare and social security are in the scandinavian countries like sweden ,norway and people are nice too ,most are educated and have old traditions.. uk is not that good for your kids since most teens in uk have serious problems with alcohol and drugs they have no family values and immigrants are also a problem like street gangs (like bradford)
switzerland is multilangual country with 3 nations french german and italians ,income for capita is high and has a good environment like beautiful forests and mountains like alps
small countries like belgium,luxembourg, switzerland are good and have state social benefits and strong economy but it is HARD to have permission i don’t know your situation.
big countries have lots of immigrants and foreigners are not really wellcomed there especially after this crisis because of the unemployment.
switzerland ,belgium ,luxembourg and scandinavian countries are the best ones to live since you don’t need visa in euro zone you can visit others anytime you want.

What is the best country to live in in europe far as jobs and homes?

I want to move to europe really italy am a US citizen where is a nice place i have a 4 yr old child so am looking for gd education avaiaility to find a job with little credentials and life in general help me

It generally isn’t particularly easy to do this no matter where you choose. In deciding where might be good for you, you need to consider what language skills you have.

EU citizens have the right to live and work within the EU, but others need a visa to live and work here legally. You can’t just decide to relocate to Italy and go. The site for visas here in Italy is: http://www.esteri.it/visti/index_eng.asp . The rules in much of the EU have been harmonized and will be similar. You can also check the website of the consulate of various countries that has jurisdiction over you for other information. You cannot apply for the visa from Italy; you need to do that before you arrive. When you get here, you will have to apply for a Permesso di Soggiorno (Permission to Stay) from the authorities. With the economy now, jobs are scarce – a lot of companies have a hiring freeze in place. The unemployment rate in Spain is around 20% for example. One other thing will be language skills; you’ll need to be able to work in the local language where ever you were to move.

A work permit is separate – you cannot apply for that yourself. The company has to apply and they have to be able to demonstrate that there is not a viable EU candidate for the job. As a result, jobs for foreigners including Canadian or US citizens are pretty much restricted to people with special education, knowledge, or experience. The medical/healthcare field may have the most demand right now. You will need to know the language. When I applied for a visa several years ago, the process took about 8 months even though it was just of transfer of the job I was already doing from the US to Italy. One option might be to work with an international company that has offices both there and here where you might be able to transfer. Note that in this case, the relocation expenses may be covered by the company too.

As noted above, it’s useful to check the expat sites for information about living and working here or other places you might be interested in:


There are similar sites specific to just about any country you might be interested in that you can find by searching for "ex pat" or "expat" and the name of the country. Generally, these will have a lot of good information on daily life and negotiating the bureaucracy when you arrive and provide you with useful information you should know before you make the transition.

You should be aware that as a US expat, you will probably still have to file tax returns in the US as well as in your host country; that would certainly apply here in Italy.