What is the best country in the world to live in?And also is the states better to live rather than england.?

I am currently living in england and want to know whats the best country to live in in terms of earning, standard of living, quality of life in general. Also is the states better thaqn England or worser in terms of standards of living please give unbiased views??????

safer than any other place right now

What is the best country to live in in Europe?

Please take everything into account (weather, country’s economic situation, country’s political situation, etc).

By the way, I’ve heard from several people that the best country to live in in Europe is Spain, taking everything into account, of course. But I’m interested to see what a lot of other people think.

well greece is nice and warm, spain is also, france germany uk ireland, not so good weather..

It depends on what sort of lifestyle your after, my brother lives in spain and loves it, hot warm, good life, and more of a slow life which would be my idea of nightmare..

Which country in Europe is the best country to live in?

If I wanted to move to Europe, which country would be the best for me to live in? Talking about standard of living and life in general.

I need to start all over, so I do need some advice here.

I’m Serb and I would say Austria! It’ very well organized, pretty, ecological, full of history. Not bad weather too, and practically in the heart of Europe.

What country in Asia is easiest to move and live in? (for Americans)?

I would like to start learning the language, but i need to know which one to study (Thai Chinese Japanese etc) I would like to move and live in one of these countries so which one is best to live and work in? thanks!

Singapore … or … Malaysia. Better economy & immigration is much easier for Americans there. Also getting a job is not that difficult comparing other countries.

Good luck.

What countries in Europe were the best to live in during the Middle Ages?

Including what had the best natural resources, features, protection, etc.

What do you mean by resources? Resources wasn’t a concern of any nation state until after the American-French Revolutionary period when the Industrial Revolution began. Medieval countries were solely concerned with their political stability and ability to farm the land. Other pieces of culture were secondary and were only possible where there was a man, or group of men rich enough to afford it.

Now, recent research has shown that much of the Middle Ages was not as "dark" as it was originally made out to be. But, most of the successor states to the Western Roman Empire were plagued by wars, political instability, superstion, and disease. Despite the efforts of enlightened or powerful rulers, such as Clovis I of the Franks, Theodoric the Great of the Ostrogoths, or Charlemagne of the Franks, Western Europe was not as advanced as it was under the Roman Empire before it or would be during the Renessance after it.

The only two states in Europe that retained some degree cultural, archetectural, and artistic leadership in Europe were the Byzantine Empire (the Eastern Roman Empire) and the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba (Muslim Spain). These states retained a level of political power to enable people to the development of an atmosphere that allowed scholorly knowledge not known in Europe.

However, these states didn’t last. The Caliphate of Cordoba fell into smaller kingdoms 1031 and this system lasted until 1212 when the Emirate of Grenada finally restabilized Muslim Spain after years of infighting and chaos, but by this time, the Christian Reconquesta had begun and by 1492, Grenada was conquered by Ferdinand and Isabella and Muslim Spain ceased to exist.

They Byzantines remained strong for years until shortly before the First Crusade when the Seljuk Turks invaded Anatolia and devastated the Byzantine army and killing the Emperor. From there, the Byzantines were essentially on life support until 1453 when Constantinople fell to the Ottoman Turks.