Someday I want to move to Europe, where are the best places to live?

I live in the US right now but I’ve always wanted to live in Europe.
I was thinking:
Where are the best places (cities and countries) to live??

A good place to start looking for a nice place to live in Ireland is

The best place currently is Dun Laoghaire in Dublin.

More at

best country to study abroad in?

i’m planning on studying abroad for an entire school year and am having trouble settling on a country.

the entire world fascinates me, but i am particularly taken by asia (specifically thailand, tibet, and tokyo). however, i feel like i’m more suited to travel to those places for a semester at a time as opposed to a whole year. i’m not sure if i would deal with the long term culture shock as well as i would if i were living in europe.

so, for now i’m thinking a year in europe. i was interested in immersing myself into a foreign language. my german is fair, but i’m leaning much more towards studying in italy or france.

here are my main questions: what are the best european (or asian, if that’s your opinion, i’m certainly open to hearing it) country to study abroad in? best meaning that it’ll be a lot of fun for a college student…nightlife, shopping, other people my age, etc.

so, i’ve pretty much ruled out germany…it’s just not what i’m interested in. i’d really like to learn french, i think. i feel like it’s more useful than italian, but less useful than spanish. then again…living in england might be the easiest of all.

i forgot to mention that i have seasonal affective disorder, so i’d like to choose a place that is fairly nice year round. england may not be the place for me. what about barcelona? how’s paris? florence?

There is nothing like your sweet home town, where you can study hard with full concentration with family support.

best country in europe to live in?

1. women
2. quality of life

I agree with Lina above.
If you want an easy move, stick to the EU, but venture a bit further East for one of the most exciting countries in the world: Russia.

Intimidating, beautiful, corrupt, breathtaking, unique. Russia is many different things to different people. Without a doubt, you’ll find beautiful women and good quality of life there (if you can afford it. If you can be part of the Noveau Riche set and afford Moscow’s high cost of living, you can certainly enjoy good quality of life).

If you want some of Russia’s excitement, but in an easier place to live, try the Baltic states, who have large Russian populations, and are also in the EU. I haven’t visited Lithuania or Estonia, but i can say from personal experience that Latvia is a gem. Pumping Riga, beautiful beaches at Jurmala, countryside peace in Saulkrasti. Good quality of living and very stunning women (why else is Riga the new Prague?)

Prague is another place. Extremely cheap. Affordable rent in the centre of the city, cheap cabs, food, cigs and alcohol. Seething nightlife. An incredibly beautiful city, I could happily get lost in those incredible streets every day.

Cyprus (many British expats, expensive but great quality of living, glamorous women, huge Russian population), Greece, Istanbul in Turkey, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, Scandinavia.. all good quality of living, but with a heavy price tag. And I’m sure they all have more than their fair share of beautiful women.

Hope this helps. Overall, I would choose Czech Republic.

Which South American countries are among the friendliest, safest and cheapest to retire in?

We are learning Spanish and want to live near the Ocean. Also we do not want the weather to be very hot.
We have very limited income and have a simple life style. English speaking from US and learning Spanish.
Please answer as regards South America not Central. thanks

If you are white………..not brazil..too dangerous

If you retire and live in other country and die?

how does the government know in order to stop sending your pension?
say nobody reports your death.
O.K. you lived in an underdeveloped country where nobody cared about you.
what happen to the money?

Well its a felony to con your death or someones death for pension fraud and the government is pretty good at finding those things out no matter where you live.

Theres only certain countries that you can collect pension from the SSA when you are a citizen living outside the US. These countries would inform the SSA that you have died. Easy as that. The countries you can collect pensions are all US allies with an established government capable of carrying these types of things out.

“for civil engineer which is best country to live & work, Canada or Australia”?

I am from india, I am graduate civil engineer & Experience over 11 yrs in Building constructoin, i am also work as cad operator AUTO-CAD (2-D & 3D -MAX,) I am confusing to choose between this two country,pls answer in proper way of technical basis with detail, Thanks in Advance

Canada I suppose coz it has a higher annual national income, this means more construction, jobs and … has more population and higher rate of growth.