What are the best sources available to working and living in another country?

I have studied abroad during my college career, and living abroad has become increasingly ingrained since graduating. I am looking to live abroad a minimum of one year, preferrably with a job so I have an opportunity to stay longer. South America, Europe, Asia… all countries are of interest. Thanks so much.


Best Country to live in Europe?

for beautiful people, affordable prices, beautiful scenery and lots of shopping and good food. and say why!!

Spain, Italy, Greece Or Otherr

good shopping: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy
nice people: Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Greece,… (all, but Austria xD)
beautiful scenery: definitely Austria
good food: Austria, Italy, Greece, France

I’ve lived in Austria my whole life, and I love it, but the people here are ignorant and even a little predigest, which I really don’t like. But trust me, in France people are even more unpolite (sorry, guys… but it’s true, I’ve been to France a lot and I’ve only got rude comments, because my French is so bad)
I think the best place to live in is Germany and Spain too. Denmark is nice too.
I’ve never been to the nordic countries, so I don’t want to judge upon them, but I’ve always wanted to go to Sweden :)


What is a good country to retire in, where older people are given health care?

What country is small and peaceful, has dental and health care for residents and has low rents?

I have traveled to many countries and I still think United States of America is by far the best place in the world to live, even for senior citizens. I don’t know about healthcare. I would imagine the following countries have socialized medicine. Socialized medicine although seems “free” it is not. It is paid for through taxes. I have heard that some of the following countries have about 50% of income goes towards taxes. The following countries although not all of them small (many are), are relatively peaceful because they don’t get too involved in war. Not all of these countries are affordable though, for example Monaco, usually only extremely wealthy people live there. Many countries you don’t get a whole lot of "bang for your buck" when it comes to rent. Many countries are short on space so housing is small and tightly packed together. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens are VERY tiny. For example, in one country I’ve been to the average flat (apartment) was about 300 to 600 sq. ft. and this was a flat with a kitchen, one bathroom, living room and two bedrooms. The rooms were so small they were like closets. In America a place that small would probably rent for about $500 a month in the Midwest and be a studio apartment with just one big room instead of divided up into five rooms. It was renting for 1,500 Euros a month which is about $2,200 a month in American money. So although the country may be small and "peaceful" and have socialized medicine, the rent in most other countries is very high because property is at a premium. Not only is space limited in these countries but many of the flats are VERY old, as in hundreds of years old. One flat I looked at dated to the 1600’s. The bathrooms and kitchens in these flats just aren’t as nice as the ones we have here in America in my opinion. Also many countries have age and income requirements for immigration and you must learn to read, write and speak the language. Many countries their healthcare system only applies to people who have become citizens. Anyway, here are some countries for you to research:

Czech Republic (Prague)
New Zealand

I can think of many others, but these are the ones that would probably fit more of what you are looking for.

Which is the best country to move to?

Bermuda, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Islands off Venezuala and Columbia like San Andres, Costa Rica, Belize, England, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Italy Spain, Canada, Greece or Netherlands
which would be best to go to for a man in his early 20s to go to school?
what about someone in their late 20’s that wants to go to a nice place and get a job and live there?
What about people looking to retire?
Also add New Zealand and Australia and maybe another nice place in Europe
but definately not Africa or Asia

New Zealand or if not Sweden

what do you think is the best country in the world to live in?

and why do people think the USA is the best? i live here, and i dont think so. thanks.

There are maybe a dozen or so that are worth living in. USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, maybe (except for the weather) Norway, Finland, Sweden. Other European countries used to be good but really have gone downhill because of socialism and other forces in the recent years.
Remember that in these countries you can sit on the computer and say just about anything and nobody will come to your door and put you in jail because you disagreed with the government or are of the ‘wrong’ religion. There are also places where because of the governments and/or religions everyone but a few are so poor that they do not have enough to eat. So, if you do not like it here perhaps you should move to a country that is not on my list of good places. Yes, please go! Because we need people here who whether they are libs or neo-cons that want to be free.

Country in Europe u would Never want to live in and why?

For me it would be Russia with the police brutality, violence, poverty, and just a lot of people being very corrupt. My friends dad lived in Russia and is from Russia and he told me to never visit there. The police don’t get paid enough money so they will threaten to arrest you unless you don’t pay them and you don’t want to speak English in front of them or let them come into ur home from what I’ve heard
It’s not the poorest European country but I would rather live in a poorer country than live in fear all the time


Because I have heard how unsafe it is for women to walk the streets. Even during the day, you wear anything even slightly revealing and they try to get you in bed! At least that’s what I’ve been told.