Conservatives, would any country you live in be infallible and the world’s best?

And to acknowledge any shorcomings that could be improved would be "anti-patriotic"?
Aren’t you saying the same things as conservatives in any other country, including Iraq, North Korea and Iran?

No country is infallible, especially when naive voters elect an arrogant incompetent for president! Criticism of this idiot doesn’t make me unpatriotic. I’m just honest.

Which two countries in the Asia Pacific Region would be nice to live in, and why?

Thanks in advance for good tips! :-))

depends on what you think is nice
i personally wouldn’t live in the phillipines because of all the terrorist attacks and the fact that so many people leave the phillipines for other countries and i really just can’t stand phillipino people and it seems very dirty there, at least a lot of people tell me it is.

Japan seems nice but there’s always the threat of having the Democratic people’s repblic of Korea as your neighbor.

Anything in southeast asia just seems to humid and congested i always think of prostitutes when i think of southeast asia and the fact that most people.

Hong Kong has tall buildings and typhoons, when those things mix i see catastrophe.

Guam seems great for an american, because there’s no need to deal with immigration and such and there’s two military bases US navy and US airforce. so thats good and bad. and it has the asia pacific region as its backyard, so you’re just plane ride away from asia and the pacific. However the prices of homes are starting to increase and 12,000 people of the US armed forces from okinawa are relocating to guam. and you can’t vote in presidential elections. and of course beaches, trees, clean air, blue skies, are there.

Australia is a great place to live to but there’s a lot of lethal animals. New Zealand seems great as well.

China is strange. One time zone, bad air, a mild big brother vibe going on.

So i would think the two countries that seem nice to live in is Japan because of their ethics and morals and Australia because there wouldn’t be so much of a culture shock for me there.

What is the best country to live in and why?

Also, where were you born and raised? I think people tend to favor the place where they were raised.

I can’t really answer since I have barely even been out of my state (Georgia). It sucks here and it is hot.

Canada – I never hear anything bad happen there, it seems pretty calm and peaceful, and I’m a huge fan of cold weather

Japan – They get all the good stuff earlier than any other country…

I live in Georgia too!! =P

I want to move to Asia, which country is the best to move to?

Im from England and i want to move to Asia for about 6-7 years, what countries/cities are the best to live in , in Asia
Thank You :)

Singapore’s great if you’re not hard up about your constitutional liberties. Life is comfortable here. And best of all, you don’t have to learn Chinese. We speak English and have quite the thriving expatriate community!

Why do retiring Europeans tend to move to countries with less taxes?

Does it have anything to do with the cost of socialized medicine?

Retiring Brits mainly stay in Britain, however those that do go abroad tend to go to Spain, France and around the Mediterranean.

France actually has a higher rate of tax than Britain, and Spain has Universal Health Care and a Welfare System, and has a complex tax system.

World Map of Countries with Universal Health Care