what is the best country to study?

i need countries in Asia,and the best ones for living(safety,cost of living,…)

Depends on what you are looking for. If you are interested in learning a new language then Spain and France would be. If you want to go to English speaking countries then England and Australia are the best options (assuming you live in the U.S)

As far as in Asia, why Asia? I would say China and India are the most popular ones, but I am not sure how safe those countries are.

I heard you can retire from the military in 20 years and get a check every month?

I heard that after 20 years of service you could retire…

Any source for this information?

I can’t go to college because I can’t afford it an I would love to join the military to also fight for my country… But, I also want my financial situation to get better.

Thank you in advance.
So you just keep signing up and reenlisting to fight or serve/be active and after 20 years you have the choice to retire?

You heard correctly. Retirement pay at twenty years is fifty percent of their base pay at the time of retirement as well as retaining medical benefits and commissary/exchange privileges.

Basically at the end of each contract your make the choice to reenlist or separate. Separating voluntarily when the contract is up offers no continuation of benefits but you’d still be eligible for certain VA programs and the GI Bill. Once you hit 20 years, you no longer separate, but retire with benefits. Service beyond 20 years will result in a higher percentage used to calculate ones retirement pay.

It’s important to note, twenty years means twenty years. Nineteen years, eleven months, and twenty-nine days would be an ETS, not a retirement.

If you joined at 18, retired at 38, you’d be in a position to start a whole new career and be collecting two pensions by age 60.

There was also talk about allowing soldiers to retire at 10 years with a lower percentage and the condition that they wouldn’t receive it until they’re sixty. I’m not sure what happened with that, but I figured I’d mention it anyway.

what is the cheapest and safest country to retire to?

would like to move and live and retire in another country

Costa Rica is both inexpensive and safe. It’s also a fascinating country with a fairly large ex-pat community already in place.


What would be the best country to live in Europe?

I’m just wondering. Countries like Norway and Sweden look nice, what countries have good enough conditions, where you can work hard and make a pretty decent pay check (of course, it’s not easy after moving to any country at first), and things are overall pretty good? Don’t go on about Any other continent please, this is Europe talk.
Not Ireland, I’m Italian and I don’t really prefer Ireland.

Norway is the best place to be. I have lived in Germany and Netherlands. When it comes to pay. Norway tops them all plus workers have more rights in Norway and the minimum wages are better off!

Are the countries in Asia really that expensive to live in?

According to this ranking i found on aneki.com (i dont know how reliable this is), the top few countries are in asia! is it because they earn lesser but things are expensive in their country? or is this based on their standard of living?

can’t believe taiwan is so expensive…..

2South Korea
6Hong Kong
12Cote d’Ivoire
13United States
16United Kingdom

Here is an article that explains things better: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/173434/top_5_most_expensive_countries_in_the.html

Taiwan is right up there as an expensive country, ranking 4th, just like on this list. But on this website, you will get an explanation.

Can we play wii games online from a country which is in Asia (Sri Lanka)?

I live in Sri Lanka (south east asia), and I got a wii and super smash bros brawl. I want to play it online but I dont know if you can setup the Internet connection from this country. I imported my Wii from the UK.

I ithink that that is possible. At least I always find Japanese and Chinese people online at Mario Kart Wii.

In your opinion, what is the best country to live in & why?

I think it depends on what a person values the most about where they live (social freedoms, economic freedoms, culture, climate, etc). Please do not automatically say "USA!USA!" because contrary to what every American school has told you, it is a matter of opinion.

I can’t answer this because I’ve never been in another country.

Canada. No wars, no pollution, stable government….