which country in asia is the best for studying and living?

need a country with low cost of living and high safety and also need one that i can while or after studying there get permanent residency,i really hope i can find one.
i check Thailand and Malaysia cause they are great and everything is ok but the immigration is so difficult specially for a 23 year old,so if anyone can help me out i would be really appriciate it.

Taking everything factors ( cost, safety, environment, quality of education, standard of living ) into consideration, i would have to say Singapore is the best place to go.

Cost – Singapore is relatively cheaper than in countries like Japan/Korea. Eventhough countries like Thailand or Malaysia are cheaper but they are trailing behind Singapore in other equally important factors,

Safety – Singapore is one of the safest country in the world
Environment – Singapore is also one of the cleanest country in the world, low level of corruption ( meaning people follow strictly to rules and regulations ), multi cultural society, good and cheap food

Quality of education – Singaporean colleges and universities are renowed for their high quality and English is the main medium of instructions.

Standard of living – cosmopolitan living environment with all the necessary facilities available, excellent public transportations and almost corruption free government services

Singapore is a country with small population. Singapore is always on the look out to bring in as many highly skilled and qualified foreigners to work in there. One of the incentives given is the opportunity to secure Permanent Residency status after working there for a period of time.

If you study in Singapore, i do not see any problem for you go gain an employment in Singapore and eventually a permanent residency status or even a citizen later. Aside from western countries, many foreigners love to hold Singaporean passports because Singaporean can visit many countries eg US, Europe etc without a visa. It’s extremely difficult for Malaysian passport holders to obtain a US visa. The same goes to Thailand, Indonesia and several other countries.

I am planning to go for another country to look for job and live there. Is London now is best country?

Hi I’m Ms. Odith, I’m 28years old Filipina, presently working in Dubai as wedding and Event Planner and Coordinator in 4years. I’m planning to transfer and look for job in another country. Is london good to work and live? Any other country you can suggest for me? Why do you think this country is the best?Any important info or experience you can share to me is a big help. Thank you.

I’m not sure about other countries, but London’s events business is dead. I know because I work in it and there is really very little opportunity here right now… even for those that are already established.

Dubai or other Middle East markets might be your best chance of success right now.

Good luck

How many online Mousavi fans live in the US or Europe and only know the country as a holiday destination?

Yet go on twitter and other online places speaking with authority because "they're Iranian".

I ask because many of the opinions expressed online by self proclaimed Mousavi fans are not in line with what the man has said himself, especially in regards the West and Israel.

No Iranian politician even recognizes Israel or would refer to Palestinians as certain onhline Mousavi fans do.

Your thoughts are appreciated

I am sure there is a lot of misconceptions about this. People base their opinions on a half-heard news story, which itself reflects the bias of right-wing media.

I posted my own opinion to a Yahoo group. Someone said that he just hoped the Iranian working class would overthrow the theocracy. to which another person replied that we should offer critical support to Ahmajinidad's theocracy, because the alternative would be another unstable regime, an American puppet government and a repeat of the situation in Iraq.

I don't think the situation is at all simple and it is hard to see where it will go from here. I don't think we can take the simple position of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

The regime in Iran is a theocratic regime, which is no friend of ordinary Iranians. However, a Mousavi-led government, would also be capitalist and would not represent the poor of Iran.

It is for Iranians themselves to sort out democratically. Democracy means "rule of the people". This would mean the working class entering the fray and the trade unions calling a general strike, to usher in real change. However, without any decent left-wing political party to lead the struggle, I think the outcome is very uncertain.

If the US is such a great country than why do Americans prefer to retire to other countries?

Besides the cost of living.
heres my proof for all those who doubt what I say.

You cannot discount the cost of living. It is a very important reason. Another reason is that some of us did not have the opportunity to travel and experience other cultures when were were working all those years. At retirement, we have the opportunity to do things we did not get to do before. Also, it is not accurate to simply say ," Americans prefer to retire to other countries". SOME Americans prefer to retire to other countries, but they are only a small percentage of the total number of retired Americans. Some Americans retire to other countries to take up hobbies or volunteer work that they could not do before they retired. It does not mean they don't still love the U.S. Many foreign citizens also retire in the U.S. Americans are not the only people that like to retire in a country outside their own. many Canadians, Brits, Italians, Germans, among others , also retire outside their home countries.

Edit: for the other answerers…I live in Mexico and there are over 1.2 million American and Canadian citizens retired here. Some are rich, many are not. Many come here NOT to avoid taxes ( any money earned in the U.S. or any interest from the U.S. is still taxed in the U.S.) , but because their modest pension income goes a lot further here. There are many websites for Americans and others who want to retire in a foreign country. For examples, see below.

What is the best country to live and work? Canada or Australia? and why? Which country easy to get Visa? How?

Hi. I'm Junnie presently working in United Arab Emirates as Event Planner, or a wedding stage designer for 4years. I'm originally from Philippines. Its my dream to live and work in Canada or Australia. Any one have knwledge, experience or idea which country is best to live and work and also which country is very easy, cheap and fast to get Visa? What kind of visa I need to take? And How o get this kind of Visa? Any suggestion is a big help to me. Thank you very much.

i totally agree with the first poster. canada is no place for you, it's cold and expensive. a terrible place. i suggest Dubai, or yeah even Australia. i hear europe has a shortage of wedding stage designers.

What would be the best country in Europe to live in? And which European counties speak English?

And also what ever country you think would be the best country to live in please state why you think that.

The best country in Europe? well that depends of your personal expectations. F.e for me it could be great to live in Switzerland because it is clean and sceninc, for you it could be a hell. Do you like the sunshine then Spain, Italy, Greece… do you like reserved culture but stable people and friendship, then Scandinavians, do you like a very liberal lifestyle… then Scandinavian, parts of UK…. as far English, then England, it is the place where this language has started. Please have in mind that if you choose to live in a non English speaking country then you won't be accepted without the local language. Other English speaking countries Ireland, Scotland.

Apart from that, some European countries have huge unemployment rates and the rest who perform better like UK, France have been affected sadly by the Second Depression. Therefore the European leaders put new laws for non EU immigrants which obligate the EU employees to prefer EU and natives than Asians, Africans…..

It all depends where are you from. If you want to come and live here illegally then please don't do it. If you want to look for a job it could be hard given the economic climate if your subject is banking, housing, financial etc….

Where are you from, this is important. this could define which country could accept you easier.

My personal opinion,
Switzerland, for cleaness, scenery, polite people
Norway for nature
England for London
Sweden for the liberal life style
Italy for the architecture
Spain for the music and sunshine…
Greece for the islands

and the list goes on…

What would be the best country in Europe to live in?

And why? (:

Spain is an awesome country and I've lived there but the economy (like in every country) is getting really bad there. It is so hard to find a job. Also, in Spain the areas are different. If the economy isn't an issue for you, the south of Spain is the best to live in, specifically Sevilla.

Urgent! Where are Mahayana Buddhists mainly live in East Asia?

Hola, I'm doing a report on Buddhism and my books don't tell me where Mahayana Buddhists mainly live. all they say is that they are in East Asia, and it lists a bunch of countries for Theravada. Also i checked wiki and that gave absolutely zero info. Does anyone know? The part of the report is due tomorrow, so i need a bit of help! And if you could list a source where you got the info that would be fabulous.


For the most part, the Thervadans are considered the "Southern schools" with the Mahayana Buddhists are the "Northern schools." Countries that mainly practice Mahayana include some parts of India, Tibet, Bhutan, and some parts of Nepal. Zen Buddhism is a form of Mahayana, so some parts of China, Korea, and Japan also practice forms of Mahayana Buddhism.

For the most parts, countries in the south such as Burma, Thailand, etc., practice Theravada Buddhism.

I hope this helped. Take care.

Is America the best country to live in?

In America we never learn about other countries. We only learn about how great America is and that other country isn't so important. I mean we are always helping other poor countries with war and giving them food. I don't think any other country does that.

Also everyone knows about america (sometimes even more than us) but we don't really know anything about the world. For example, is europe a country and britain a state??? Like how America is a country and california is a state??

Also look at our movies they are always played everywhere, we never see any foreign films ever in our movie theaters. Even our artists travel around the world and everyone knows them but I don't think any of us know anything about other countries' artists. Why is America such a dominant country compared to everyone else?? Do you think America is the best country too?
Also I can honestly say my television has NEVER had a program on it that was from europe or other country. We only have american stations.
Also what the heck is the difference from UK and europe??

According to the bbc the best countries to live in are:
1 Ireland
2 Switzerland
3 Norway
4 Luxembourg
5 Sweden
6 Australia
7 Iceland
8 Italy
9 Denmark
10 Spain

I personally dont agree with this. i lived in Northern Ireland and therefore has had experience from both countries. and i would prefer Britan.

I dont agree however that america has no influence from other countries. you only have to switch on to any american program to find some association from other english speaking countries especially Britain. Harry Potter, 007?

Is the Philippines, a good place to retire for a westerner?

I'm looking to reitre in the Philippines because I met a lady friend. I was told the country was the best to retire to because it is clean and cheap to live their and safe and supposidly it's the friendliest nation in Asian…what do you think?

You are asking this in a location where the retired people will be prejudiced, Travel Thailand.
Why don't you ask it at the Travel Phillipines.

This is my help from Washington, D.C. United States of America and Pattaya, Thailand.
Please pick an answer as the best answer, even if it is not mine.