Best country in Europe to live in?

Besides the UK, I'm a proud Brit. But I'm an athiest. Don't like Americanisation. Want somewhere liberal and fun. I'm thinking Holland or France. Sweden is good but too dark. Where do you think?
Switzerland and Germany too I guess.
Holland does look kind of cool.
European countries are a mystery to me. Why do we all stay so separate? We could rule the world as one.

Well, Sweden is one of the most liberal and secular countries in the world, and even though it's pretty dark in the winter you can always watch the stars and the northern lights (aurora borealis).

To compensate for the dark winters we have daylight around the clock in summertime, and especially the midnight sun in northern Sweden is FANTASTIC !!!

Which country in Europe or Asia is best to stay and put a career for the next 2 years?

I have lived in America, Singapore, Dubai, Manila and now in Doha. I am planning to move in to another country where I can find a job easily and make a decent living till the next two years.

I need help. Thanks

I am afraid of taking photographes in a poor third nation’s country, can you help?

I am living right now in a very poor and primitive country in Asia and being not look like a foreigner, I am afraid of taking my precious digital camera and taking photos. When I have done that in the past, some people ran after me asking for taking them a photo. Others have asked me, why do you take photo and where will you publish them. I mean it is a little difficult to take professional photos when you walk alone in a poor country with your costly SLR camera.

Well, people do hate it when they are photographed, I mean people who live in a bad state, or who are overly suspicious. I guess I understand them, if this country is a third world country, poor and opressed, there must be a lot of tension around. Try not to photograph too many people, or at least, try not to seem like a spy, official, nosy reporter. If they do inquire about your photographs, just state that they are touristic photos, that you do not intend to publish them. But I suggest, stay out of trouble, besides, take care of your camera, you never know when it might get stolen. Sad, fate-stricken people can be pushed to desperate actions.

Where are the best country-living spots?

Hiiiiieeee Guyyyysss.

Well, when I'm old and retired I plan to move into a little old country home and make myself a little cozy homestead right in the center of haystacks, tall grasses, ponds, meadows, all that. Thats my dream.

Does anybody know of any little country spots, anywhere in the country? How would Springfield, Illinois be? Tennesse? Louisiana? Any suggestions?


I recommend Mississippi.Country life is mississippi life rolling farm land and forests are a big part of mississippi . If your looking for a backwoods life come to my home sate mississippi.

Is America the best country to live in in the whole world?

I think it is because we have the most freedom in America. And its so diverse and big America is like as big as Europe. And theres little racism and good quality of life. What do you think?

Are you nuts? America pretends it has freedom and is liberal, but it's one of the worst countries in the world. I wouldn't live there if you paid me.

The crime rate is through the roof because they're so damned blind to gun crime. There shouldn't be several murders a day, that's laughable and as for your health care system, well, that's a joke.

Seriously, people should have the right to free health care and in Europe they do.We actually like to look after all our people here.

As for the way America treats its prisoners by torturing them, well, let's just say i'm glad Guantanemo Bay is being shut down.

If you think there's little racism in the US then you're being blinded, because it's one of the most racist, homophobic countries on this Earth.

Good quality of life? That's a joke – poor healthcare, poor education system, heavy media bias, heavy gun crime, crime rate through the roof in general.

Is Malaysia a good country to study my university degree in?

I have been accepted by a university in Malaysia, I dont live in asia so I dont know if its a good country to study in, are their universities recognized globally, Im talking about quality, and are the people friendly to foreigners or do they dislike foreigners?

Foreigners are most welcome to study in Malaysia. Recently, foreigners are also allow to work part-time in certain industries as approved by the embassy, and Malaysia government. You will obtain a special ID for foreigners that was introduced recently by the Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia. For a long semester which is usually 3-4 months, you can enrolled to a maximum of 18 credits hours. For a short semester, the maximum of 9 credits hours is allowed. In any duration and type of semesters, as a foreigner, you are required to enrolled a minimum of 9 credit hours. A word of advise for you in enrolling for studies in Malaysia — make sure the course of programme you intend to study is accreditied by LAN and recognised by your country. You can check with your country's embassy for a list of programmes and institution which are valid and offers the recognised programme. Choose carefully between a teaching institution and a research institution. You don't need to study in public university such as UM to be sure it is recognised, its standards has recently dropped drastically. Check with other newer institutions such as University Colleges and private university instead. Goodluck in route to learning.

POLL……Which country in EUROPE would you live in?

pretend you have no choice but to choose the most desirable one! Go for it and tell me why you choose that country!

& Name one country in Europe you'd least like to live in &why!

EUROPE only! 10 PTS for most interesting answer/story. Have a ball!

Erm, Germany because I have a friend there or Italy, Italian guys and pizza, count me in!

What is the cheapest English speaking country (and city in that country) to live in?

I mean countries that if you walked up to a random person they would know english.

Almost certainly Malta.

Provided you avoid the capital, Valletta, the costs are fairly constant. The adjoining island of Gozo is a bit cheaper than the main island.

Next Best would be Cyprus.

Ian M