Which country in Asia is best to teach abroad (Japan, China, or Korea)?

I am thinking about enrolling in one of those programs where you go to Asia to teach English. I am graduating in June and have seen different programs that include free housing, free airfare and around $2,000 a month salaries with a one year contract. Has anyone ever tought abroad in China, Japan, or Korea? I want to know which country is the best for me. I want a low living expense, but also safety is an issue. I'm not used to huge cities, but I could deal with it. Which country has the best night life? I read somewhere that Korea's bars close at midnight? If anyone can give me any real life experience advice, please let me know.

Free housig, free airfare, and around $2,000 a month salaries are found anywhere in China, Japan, or Korea. The only thing you need to have are connections. Try inquiring at your university if they have partner schools in the Asia Pacific region.

A low living expense can definitely not happen in both Japan and Korea, two of Asia's most expensive places to live.

Huge cities dot China and Japan. Korea's cities are more of the provincial type.

Nightlife in China, Korea, and Japan are all quite restricted. Real nightlife in Asia only happens in the Philippines and Thailand.

What is the best English speaking country to retire to?

I have a very small retirement income of $1,500 per month. I do have savings of around $150,000. What is the best english speaking country to retire to?

Panama or Costa Rica. Even though Costa Rica isn't officially English speaking, there are so many American retirees there and most people speak English.

What is the best Muslim country to live in?

Financially, Socially, Hygienically and whatever else is crucial.

Tell me which is the best Muslim country to LIVE?
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@Andalus cat, really informative, thanks.. i'll inshaAllah try reading all of the info on that web page
Thanks everyone for your responses, this was in fact a question that will probably affect my future plans :)
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Turkey and Dubai!!!( Especially turkey;) waitin for u to come!!!)

what country is best to go for a travel in south asia?

Help,which country is the best to travel in south asia, i need tourist guide and know their culture and people living in there.

Hi why dont u try Philipines…Im a filipina lady from Philippines born and raised here. As what I observed they found our country interesting and enjoyable. Aside from having a cheap cost of living for someone like you..you may also visit most of the beautiful beaches, wonderful tourist spot and most of all meeting exotic, warm and friendly people.

Try to visit BORACAY ISLAND, PALAWAN AND PANGLAO ..awesome beaches here in PHilippines. No wonder why all western people like to stay here for their vacation.

If you need help dont hesitate to email me. Looking forward to hear from you. Goodluck

How much money should an American have to retire in Latin America?

Especially for the countries of Mexico, Colombia, Panama and Niceragua. I can also invest some of the money online in the stock market to have a little extra income.

I live in Latin America. Generally the cost of living is much cheaper here, but depending on where you decide to live will dictate how stable the economy is.

I currently live in Santiago de Chile (population: 6 million/Mediterranean climate). It's about 90 minutes to the beach and about 90 minutes to skiing in the Andes. Chile has the best and most stable economy in Latin America.

I own a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom condo (60 sq. metres), with swimming pool, near the downtown and close to (5 minute walk) two metro stations (Universidad Católica/Santa Isabel). The condo cost about $US 60,000.00

Our monthly condo fees age about $US 60.00.

Our annual property tax is about $US 200.00

The things which are more expensive than in North America are: electronic goods (computers, cameras, gaming systems, etc), gasoline (but it's easy to vehicles with Diesel motors) and books (especially in English).

What are the best foreign countries for US citizens to retire to?

I'm nearing retirement age and am considering stretching my retirement income by settling somplace more economical to live. Where are English speaking countries that welcome Americans and have a decent lifestyle but are a bit cheaper to live in than the U.S. ?

Panama and Costa Rica are both supposed to be superb. They are relatively safe (Costa Rica has a very stable government and a lower crime rate than most places in the US), very cheap by US standards, most people speak at least a little English allowing you to improve your Spanish slowly and they have enough US style goods and products in stores to minimize the culture shock.

There are a couple of websites dedicated to international retirement that have a bunch of info on Costa Rica and Panama. Try googling "retire in Costa Rica" and that should bring them up.

What is the best country to live in besides America?

Of course if the question was just What is the best country to live in this question would get swamped with “patriots” saying America is the best. I’m not saying America is the best country but it is definitely high ranking when it comes to living standards So what do you think is the best place (except America) to live as in best national sanitation, educational advancement, low crime rate and any other factor that would allow it to be deemed the best place to live.

High Human Development
United States
United Kingdom
New Zealand
Hong Kong, China (SAR)
Korea, Rep. of
Brunei Darussalam

This is top 30 ranked by the human development index!

What do you think is the difference in the way of thinking between the countries of America,EU,Africa,Asia? ?

APART from money. Is it only food? Weather? History? Religions?Or Politics? Relationships between people? Pleasure? Different Targets? Better, worse or different points of views? What are all continents and countries are trying each year and each century? Are we trying to fix something? Trying to become equal or different?
If we cannot answer this how do we want to live more as years pass?

p.s. please try NOT to answer anything with God and religion. Try to answer logically.

well, America and Europe are very very similar.. but if we see the way of life, All the world in culture is similar to Europe… we can say that americas culture is to rule the world and this thing is possible from the last 50 years, because Europe has loose his power during 2 world wars … and this allowed to America and Russia to increase his power.. however histroy since roman and greek empire to 2 world war and after 50 years.. see Europe llike protagonist.. now EUrope understand that can take aagain his powerful role.. and if Europe is really united can be again the world power state