whats the best country for a foreigner to live in Europe..?


any reasons?

What languages do you speak? What rights do you have to live in various countries? What are your reasons for moving? What climate do you prefer? What is your personality like? Do you eventually want a family? What education/skills do you have? What sort of career? What are your hobbies? What's important to you in life?

All these questions have to be taken into consideration. There's no blanket "best country" to live in. One country might be great for one person, but completely wrong for another. I personally love living in Norway (after living in the US, UK and Sweden) because it fits what I'm looking for. The UK was nice, but completely not what I was looking for.

If you don't speak another language though, I can say that the UK will be the easiest country to live in.

What’s the quality of life for elderly people in socialist countries?

Now that Pelosi is trying to steal our 401K plans to supplant the bankrupt SS system, how will those of us who plan to retire in the future exist?

Not too dang good….in communist china there is no social security net…you get old and your kid takes care of you…no kid, you keep working, no work….you die.

Russia gives a pittance to elderly…roughly the amount required to pay the rent…and nothing more….wheeling and dealing and stealing are required to put food on the table.

The nordic countries are all right for the elderly…but depend on others for their military protection (they pay for their social programs by having almost no defense department or navy at all…depending on the USA and others to defend them in time of trouble)

The USA could, I suppose, reduce the Army to 20,000 or so and cut the navy down to about 6 or 7 destroyer escort class vessels and then we could use the money on other things…let's see, who could we get to defend us in case of trouble? The Australians? The French?

hmmmm….sort of a problem there…..

Will the Baby Boomers bring down the country when they retire? ?

I respect my elders, and do not mean to offend. I do not see any hope for this country though.

I am a boomer, and while it is asked awkwardly, you have a good point. As we get older, our kids get out of the house, and we stop spending like teenagers, the economy (which has been boomer driven for 40 years) will slow down and contract. That is happening now, on top of the fannie/freddie, sub-prime, tanking investments fiascoes we see.
And then add to all that, the social security tab for the younger to pay for the older's social security will be out-of-the-ball-park-outrageous, but I've been telling everyone THAT for 20 years and was reminded constantly that conservatives just want gramma to eat dog food, and that I'm a fascist to boot!
Demographics are the future. It explains why our politicians ignore us when we tell them to stop the immigration mess. They know we can't survive without the extra "contributions" to our tax base. As self-indulgent as we boomers have proven ourselves to be, I don't envy your position. On the other hand, I have always known the lies behind social security, and have always known I would never be able to afford to retire.

Which is the best country in the world to live in?

Which is the best country in this World to live in and enjoy life and also which is still need man power to work.

In terms of quality of life the Scandinavian countries tend to rate very highly but as a place to live it tends to be quite cold in that region and language may also be a problem (although it can always be learnt).

Some people have said Australia which also rates very highly in quality of life. Being Australian, I can tell you it is a great place to live with good opportunities, nice weather in most places (as long as you don’t settle in the middle of the desert… or melbourne) and good people. I can’t say if it’s the best country in the world to live in and enjoy life but it’s definately one of them!

What college degree would give the best opportunity for gaining residency in different countries?

From what I have read teaching English seems to be the best path, but what else is there? I want to live and work in countries across Asia. It might sound unrealistic, but there's so many expats living and working in Asia, how are they doing it?? I won't marry someone for a visa as a shortcut. How do people get in without a degree? Do you know of any Asian countries that allow skilled migrant visas for carpentry or cabinetry?

Yes me, I built houses and churches. And i can take it down. College has nothing to do with it. Is the skill ABILITY.

Which country is the best place to live and work in?

I’m a chemical engineering student and I’m looking forward to start a new life else where.It’s my dream to do so.I would like to which country(USA,Europe,Australia,Canada) is the best place to live,work and have your dreams come true.If you say Europe can you please mention which country in Europe.

the USA,

there is a diverse types of climates, and living styles…
midwest country, east coast, west coast, north, south, tropics…

and its the best country in the world. = )
long live the american dream.