I left N.America to live in Asia when the Iraq war started…would you consider doing the same?

The Iraq war, cheap entertainment, celebrity worship, pop stars, fear mongering…alot of reasons, but Politics and cheap culture were at the forefront. So, would you think about living in another country because you are currently displeased with the current status of your own?

I would definately consider…

Lots of people indeed decide to move abroad on the basis of not agreeing with the direction of their home government. For instance, on the day following George W. Bush re-election, Canada`s imigration Web site received a record number of visits and the majority were from Americans.

Previously, US immigration to Canada ran at about 23,000 a year during the Vietnam War

What is the best country in Northern or Western Europe for a Black American woman to live, socially? ?

I'm quite over the situation here in the US. I feel like as an educated black woman, I am not afforded a normal life socially as a woman (I don't think we are in the same situation as educated black men here at all), and I'd like to leave. I've lived in and traveled to several different countries and been around enough different folks to figure out that I can't deal with conservative cultures as far as gender roles and sexism is concerned even if they are slightly better as far as race is concerned (so that puts out the Caribbean and Africa) nor can I deal with the post-slavery/post-colonial context that both blacks and whites and other groups exist in here in the US i.e. the residual internalized racism and racism… so I guess that puts out Latin America too. God knows Eastern Europe is known for its racism. Also, I've heard that France, Italy, and Spain can be quite difficult at times as well. Please spare me any sermons about over-generalizations; I really don't have time for it because we all know that things that occur commonly in cultures have a real effect on a person's life. So, where should I go? Belgium, Sweden, England, Finland, Switzerland etc.? I've heard really good things about Northern Europe as far as race is concerned and they are way liberal in comparison to here in the US so I think the gender thing should be covered there too. HELP PLEASE :) Any suggestions are much appreciated :)
By the way, I've already been living abroad for three years. So, I'm quite serious about this. Language won't be a major obstacle for me. I just came back this year in order to do post graduate study, and afterwards hopefully…I'm off once again :)
By the way, the only thing that I think that makes me unique from other educated black women is that I'm willing to actually do something about the situation as opposed to just sitting here and settle for less than what I deserve. And the fact that I don't feel strong ties to any one place in the US. Hey, if "better" is not out there, then it's not out there, but hell, at least I'll go down swingin like a true fighter LOL!!! :)

I am also a black American woman who has traveled a lot, and I positively LOVE Europe. Of course its not perfect, but when I was there and walked the streets, not being judged by my skin was liberating. My husband and I have been all over, and here are some cities/countries I recommend and why:

1) Barcelona, Spain I know people think Spaniards are racist, not true. Love the architecture, the food, the siesta, the people and their laid back style and zest for life. I also know Americans who got work there teaching english. Con: they smoke alot over there.

2) Bern, Switzerland Absolutely beautiful, in the Swiss alps, very clean, saw a lot of blacks with professional jobs there. Con: not as diverse as other cities, but up and coming

3)Brussels, Belguim LOVE the architecture, the food is awesome, very clean, very diverse, Con: weather can be dreary sometimes.

Hope that helps!!

Which country would you recommend for the us retired senior to live?

I am a retired us citizen.I am interested in living in the other country. which country would you recommend ? especially in living cost, medical benefit, crime free. mild weather, and residency security etc.

I live part-time in Hungary because it is not too expensive, food is very good and fresh also low cost,dentists and doctors are reasonable so I can afford to pay cash to them.
they have 4 seasons here but the winter is not too bad (I used to live in Hawaii so I can't take it toocold.)
We purchased an apt. for cash at a faction of what it would be in any other European city.
There are many Americans here and they have clubs to get together if you miss Americans.
Lots of people speak English here and you can purcahse property even if you are not a citizen.
Crime is low except of course every country has a few bad seeds.
People are friendly and mostly private.
We are planning on retireing here in a few years when we are of age to do so. My husband speaks the language so it does make it a bit easier.
I have also heard that Spain is a good place but the cost is going up there.
You can live on American social security here in Hungary without to much worry.

How do you just accept the fact that you live in the best country in the world even though the govt murders?

How can I be happy? Everything is great for me except the most important thing, my children's futures. You see, we are living in a country that is the best on the planet, but regardless of what some think, our very own government killed our own countrymen on 9/11 and has caused much innocent death through unjust wars and other thereafter covering it up.

Regardless of what YOU, the reader of this question, thinks, I fully believe 9/11 was an inside job and quite frankly, I do not see how anyone at any level of intelligence or knowledge of the 9/11 event cannot see exactly what happened. Buildings that are not purposefully demolished do not fall in their footprints and planes make bigger holes, PERIOD. Anyway….

The question is as follows: How do I accept the inequity of this government? Face it, even when the people vote, if the vote happens to turn out as expected as it did in November 07, the government still ignores the will of the people. How do you accept this sort of govt?
NOTE: I am not asking how to get around them to bring them down, I am asking how do YOU live with the facts? Do you just live in denial? Do you just accept it as "the way it is?" Or do you just live on hope that one day justice will be done and our Constitution will be restored? How do you live with the inequity and death caused by your own elected officials? I feel responsible for every death since I reached voting age and put these murderers in power.
Partially responsible.
I have been wrong many times in my life, and I have been right many more. There is NO WAY those towers both fell in their footprints without explosives being planeted in key places. There is NO WAY that bldg 7 fell in it's footprint, PERIOD. There is NO WAY the 12000 poun engines that HAD TO HAVE HIT the pentagon did not even make a scratch on the bldg. These are things that just could not have happened. To date, I have not seen a reasonable argument presented that refutes the reality of the laws of nature.

Regardless, there is NOTHING I can do about any of it and there is NO WHERE ELSE TO GO. I hate what they have done and I am even more saddend by the fact that YOU PEOPLE are not banding together to do something meaningful to put an end to the murderous treason we are being force fed. It's sickening, and it feels as if the weight of the world is on my shoulders. There are very few people who love their family enough to see beyond the next car payment. It's horrible.

We are surfs. We have very little to say about what happens. I believe there is a lot more going on than we know but since we can't do anything about it, ignore it. Why waste time thinking about something you can't change. And why do you think you are responsible for someone else's decisions?? Do you think you are so important? I vote, I do what I can. I makea difference in my community by volunteering to make things better where I live, I feel I do my part to make it a better place.

What countries in Asia have similar standards of living like the United States?

Or are they mostly third world.

Hong Kong and Singapore have the similar quality of life to some big cities in the states (like NYC, LA, San Francisco…)

These cities are very modernize and urban planning are excellent, compare to other Asian cities. Plus, people in these cities have better English ability than others. If you don't mind the language barrier, Seoul, Busan (S. Korea), Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya (Japan) can be good choices as well.

Personally, I prefer Singapore because it is the cleanest cities I even been, plus, people are nice, things are cheap (compare to the U.S.), and majority of the people speak good English.

In the military, how do the american children get educated when they are stationed in other countries?

My daughter is going to live with her grandparents, in Poland this year. Grandpa is retired Navy and can get on military bases. Is there anyway that my daughter, going to home school, could check in with the teachers they have at the bases?


The United States Department of Defense runs an educational system for the children of those in the military.

I found more at their official site (listed below). This quote sums up the organization's mission:

"DoDEA's mission is to plan, direct, coordinate, and manage the education programs for eligible dependents of U.S. military personnel and civilian personnel of the DoD stationed overseas. DoDEA provides an exemplary education that inspires and prepares all students for success in a dynamic, global environment."

Again, according to their official site, the organization is very successful in turning out smart, well-rounded kids. Students in the program "consistently achieve high scores in the National Assessment of Educational Progress and above the national average on standardized assessments."

You can read more about the curriculum and standards by clicking the second link below. If you're interested in contacting one school in particular, check out the third link.


What is the best country to live in other than America?

Is there any? From what I hear we are still the best…. I know, shocking right lol. I mean it;s getting worse in America each day and I’m worried if something happens badly to the country(God forbid!!!) there has to be a country where people know they’re gonna go!

I’m interested in seeing what country is good in terms of economy, president, freedom, etc. I doubt it though…

God Bless America lol


Most other countries depend on the United States to be there guide line sort of speak. They watch the stock market here to determine what there next move will be.

The United States isn’t the only country that’s having problems right now. It’s like the domino effect. So where is your safe haven? Probably right in your own bedroom.

The United States has always been the safe haven. The “Land of Plenty.” Probably too much plenty.

You can’t just run away when times get rough. You can try, but you might wind up in a country going through their own uprising. No, I think I’ll stay right where I am and go through the rough times with the rest of the people. You’re right, we’re still the best, mistakes and all.