Which Asian country would you like to live and work in?

The US economy is struggling (along with the rest of the world), however, in the long run Asia will be where all of the economic power will be. The US is declining as a superpower and Asia may have a brighter future over time. Some people may consider moving to Asia for better opportunities.

My question is: What Asian country would you like to live and work in?

South Korea
Hong Kong


Japan I have a weakness for japanese girls. lol
China is a dump in most places, they eat cats and dogs.
Not saying that's a bad idea, I'm sure if worse comes to worse we will do the same thing.
But the fact is, it's easier to have growth when there's nothing.
I hate how things are going, not just for us but the world.
We should have pushed to go into space, but they kept cutting funding.
Soon we will not have the money or the resources to do this, but China will.
And that's going to suck big time.
Do you think China's going to share their knowledge to the rest of the world, I don't think so.

If i wanted to move to europe, which country should I live in?

i heard it is very laid back compaired to our western culture here.

i like the weather which is kind of chilly–like autumn
it should be beautiful =)
i like the country side
it should be safe!!!
possibly looking for a job in social work/humanities?

I was thinking Switzerland…no?

Your primary concern would be getting a work visa…very difficult for an american to do. all other Europeans are ahead of Americans for work in any E.U. country. To get a work visa you must st find an employer to sponsor your visa…this means you need to be extremely well educated and have outstanding job skills. Switzerland is the most difficult country in Europe to get a work visa in. If you are wealthy and will not need to work, then you need to apply for a residence visa. Choose a country, go to the website of their embassy in the U.S. and read visa requirements. many countries do not even put work visa info on their website…this is a hint…they do not need and are not seeking workers, even highly skilled ones…they have enough.

What do you believe is the best country in the world in which to live?

I was just doing a project for school and was wondering what people think are the best countries in the worldin which to live and why, consider health care systems, governments, and the quality of life in that country

When I was in the Army I lived in Germany. Everyone there has healthcare. Everyone is given a job. It was a nice place to live. There are a lot of people from different cultures living in Europe. It's more of a melting pot than the United States. However, I now am back in Oregon and I love living here with my family.

Best country to live in, or best state and city?

Where is the best country in your opinion to live in. If you say America, then please specify the state and the city or town. we are talking about a place with lots of entertainment and things to do like restraunts and shopping and a great place to raise a family that is very safe!

I have traveled in Europe…Germany, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Italy, Greece. I have traveled to Canada, China and the Philippines. These countries all have beautiful places but the USA has everything….the variety in cultures, the different landscapes, cities, countryside. I would choose the USA. It is home.