While receiving Social Security Disability, can you live in a different country for a certain period of time?

I plan to marry a women in Asia. Her custom requiers that the man come to her country to live in her country and obtain docuquements from her goverment for the marrage and do her marrage custom.
I receive SSD payments for a total and permenet disability. I am not sure the amount of time My daughter and I will need to live over their.

why dont you go see your local social security office they will know

Finland-best place to live in all of Europe?

I heard that Finland is one of the best places to live in all of europe. I want to live in europe someday, and I was wondering what you all think about Finland, or any other (western) european countries as a good place for an american to live at.

I'm sure it's great if you like giving up half your income to tax, doubling all of your living expenses, having only a few hours of daylight in winter, and weeks on end of rain and clouds. I'm sure it's wonderful.

Does Socialism only sort of Work in countries where you Cannot Leave?

It seems to be sort of Working (as far as they say) in China and Cuba, but in Countries Like France ( where you do not need to Build a raft to leave) they find Bussinesses Move out or close. The Working youths look elsewhere for Long term Jobs. The elderly retire out of country and Investment goes off shore.
Alpha>>>> Be More Specific as Niether Norway nor Denmark claim to be Socialists they are free market economies with Constitutional Monarchy's……….

Let's consider Sweden for a moment, it has 9 million people, roughly less than half the size of a large AMerican city, with a GDP of $38,480 per capita. For every dollar of GDP the government takes $0.64 and spend $0.61 and people complain about taxes in AMerica, wow. And like a good commie country the rich get rich and the poor get poorer, Income distribution > Poorest 10%: 3.7%
Income distribution > Poorest 20%: 9.6%
Income distribution > Richest 10%: 20.1%
Income distribution > Richest 20%: 34.5%

Roland Huntford's book on Sweden, THE NEW TOTALITARIANS describes the corruption in the judicial system where freedom of speech or dissent is non-existent and those who dare are generally put in prison without benefit of trial. Now that is a shining example of what socialism is.

If this is what the socialists in the democrat party want, I want them to go there and take their commie crap with them, they would fit in well except they would not be the ruling elite as they are here.

socialism is the epitome of evil, it has killed over 120 million people. How many more have to die as a result of socialism before the useful idiots in AMerica get it.

There will not be a socialist government in AMerica.

Looking to Retire out of country so money is at least doubled.Safe ,warm,good medical,.Where can I go?

I am hearing more and more that Buenos Aires in Argentina is the "new place" to live, retire, and/or visit. Buenos Aires has low crime, the economy is booming, and their medical options are fair and stable. Argentina is being compared now to what most of America was going through in the 1980s (in particular Miami, Florida). The climate is temperate, comparable to the southeastern U.S., however humidity is much lower because of the Patagonia plateau and proximity to the South Atlantic Ocean. Check out Buenos Aires, Argentina. I read up on it and it is indeed a fascinating development going on. I hope this helps. Good luck, and enjoy your retirement!

Best Place To Live In Ohio For Arizona Electrician?

My husband is an Electrician for 20+ years in Arizona. Next month we will be moving to Ohio. Does Anyone have input on the best area to live for his work background. We are trying to get away from big cities and like more of a country living area. We do like New Philadelphia area, but there are not many jobs there. We do not mind an hour drive to get places as we are very used to that if not more. Also looking for a house to rent for under $1000 per month. I run a EBay Business from home and we have 2 children 13 and 12, and a Lhasa 19 month old baby. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Columbus is an up and coming area. The city of Columbus is not a big city and there are rural areas just outside the city as well as suburbs with great schools and affordable housing. Columbus is about 2.5 hours south of Cleveland and about the same amount of time west of Pittsburgh which are probably the biggest cities nearby. There are a lot of jobs opening up in Columbus compared to the rest of the state (though I dont know about the electician field in general). Good luck.