I am in south asia, wanting to go abroad to earn and save good money, which country do you suggest best?

good pay, reasonable cost of living, low taxes etc..

1 Excellent oral and written communications in English
2 Posses 5 years of management experience
3. familiar with French language
4 Good knowledge of the IT services sector and Fluent Computer literacy
5. Working Knowledge on SEO (search engine optimisation)/SEM (search engine marketing) and Forum marketing

ofcourse america coz its da best ! asians do really good here .there r many job opportunities wid handsome pay n u also get free scholarships there .speakin french really helps there .all da best !

For those who don’t live in Europe, if could go to any country(s) in Europe where would you go?

I would go to Norway,Sweden,Germany and Romania cause I like the cold and I am interested in Romanian history. Explain why you would want to go to that certain country

I would go to Holland, because it is a very free thinking, laid back, environmentally friendly, and neutral country that dosent get involved in other countries business or participate in wars. There are buildings and museums that are literally hundreds of years old. Just walking the streets looking at all the details of the buildings makes for interesting conversation and pictures. All through history countries at war would hide their artwork in Amsterdam and alot of it is still there. Also the Netherlands are centrally located so you can visit many other places easily. Plus they have excellent public transit, including buses, trams and ferrys. And a rail pass is under 200 euros and is good for the whole month with unlimited ons and offs, and will take you to all neighboring countries. Traffic in the city of Amsterdam consist more of bicycles than cars and there are lanes just for them. Natives of the Netherlands generally speak Dutch or German but English is a required course in schools so almost everyone speaks English fluentally. The weather is neither too hot or too cold, the climate being alot like North Carolina. The citizens are said to be very helpful to travelers.

I’ve asthma and allergies which have given me nasal polyps. Wheres the best country for me to live healthwise?

I'd love to find a country to live in where I would notice a marked improvement to my health. Is there somewhere where asthma and allergies and quite rare?

Its very true by moving to a dryer climate allergies will improve. When it is damp mould spores are present which could trigger of your allergies and asthma. One doctor told me to move to Africa due to my sinus problems. If you can move then do so or ask your doctor to help ypu more to manage your condition. All the best x

What countries are good to live in?

i was wondering which country is the best? i thought of LA,australia,New zealand,,japan,korea,switzerland and canada. but i am nt too sure whether all these places are gd to live in. I prefer countries which have nice scenaries, people who are friendly, education which is less stress and also life is nt so boring there.
Im actually from singapore. I think the education here is too stressful..Its driving me nuts lol. LA as in Los angeles.

Well I've lived in Singapore for a year and I can say that it's not a country I like to live in. If you don't like Singapore, you won't like Japan very much either (for a place to live in, Japan is fab for a short period of time… just like Singapore).

For great sceneries, my first pick would be Australia or New Zealand. New Zealand's scenery is probably the best, as seen from many Lord of The Rings movies, but you should also remember the volcanoes in that movies. Australia is one of the safest country in the world, geologically, and the seas are so blue you have to stop yourself from jumping over cliffs. It's the reason I moved to Australia. Australia is, however, pretty laid back which is why they aren't the fastest adopter of technology (actually the same can be said about New Zealand). Australia is a more agricultural and nature-focused country (greatest research projects by Australians are mostly related to agriculture or nature).

Canada and LA would be the next best choice. I didn't put them as the first two choices because they're in the northern hemisphere, where pollution is greater. Canada has the wonderful mountains and countrysides, although in some cities the winter can be unbearable (the reason why they are researching on organs reservation there) and LA… actually, never been to LA. I'd pick SF rather than LA, but the whole state of California is shifting northward every year (causing earthquakes).

As an added plus, all the cities/countries above are pretty multicultural so you don't have to worry a lot about discrimination (well, in the bigger cities at least).

i moved from south america to a country in asia and every one is so different?

everyone is so different and in a bad way. its like nobody has a mind of their own they just do watever the other one does. everybody has the same hairstyles dresses the same way listen to the same songs and stuff. so if you do a different hairstyle then you're crazy if you listen to the a different kind of music they'll think you're embarrassing yourself and even if your outspoken or don't have stagefright(most of them are really scared of crowds but i think it's beacuse everybody else is like that) you're really weird to them. i just don't understand how they can live like that!

Moving into a new country is very similar to entering a new world. The culture, behaviour and habits are bound to be different. Asian countries are known for the tightly-bound culture and behaviour patterns. A wise thing would have been to know everything about the place you are going to, before you begin the move.
The descripition you give seems exaggerated, and perhaps the result of your anxiety of the very new habits your presented with and also the feeling of being alone in land where no one knows you and you know nobody.
Best thing would be to try to mingle and adjust. Do not change yourself, but try to subdue certain aspects of your personality if it bothers others and causes embarrasment. It'll take time and you might be frustrated, but there is bound to be some people who probably understand and accept you the way you are. Try not to judge them and don't let yourself be judged by them either. It is just a differnent set of habits they abide by, and you seem just as unusual to them as they to you.
Wish you the very best

Where are the best and cheapest cities to live in Europe?

Hey guys, I am an Irish citizen here wanting to live somewhere else for change(I actually live in US, but i got irish citizenship). I am wanting to move to a big city(i love cities) in Europe. The countries I would consider are: Denmark,Swedan,Norway,France,Italy,Germany,austria,belgium, and netherlands. Any big cities in those countries that aren’t too expensive? And i they all wont be dirt cheap, but any good affordable cities in those countries are nice to live in? thanks.
Sorry, yahoo cut out some of my post. The countries I would consider are:

Denmark,Swedan,Norway,France,Italy, and germany. Along with austria,belgium, and netherlands.
Sorry to be mean, but I listed the countries I was interested in. And I am in no way interested in moving to Portugal, so why suggest it? :(
Sorry to be mean, but I listed the countries I was interested in. And I am in no way interested in moving to Portugal, so why suggest it? :(

Since you’re particularly interested in cities, you might get some great help from the international city rankings. One of the most-quoted cost of living rankings is the Mercer ranking, but it’s targeted mainly at ex-pats (it’s used by international corporations to determine mobile benefits packages). While you may not plan to live like an international businessman, it may still hold some value in evaluating potential cities:

Perhaps a more global perspective is provided by The Economist, which aims for a more general look at things. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ve published a 2008 ranking yet. I think it will come out later this month, but here is the top of the 2007 list:
The Economist also has information on the Big-Mac Index, which is an interesting concept if you haven’t heard of it. It calculates the purchasing power of different currencies by comparing the cost of a Big Mac sandwich in different places. While it’s a particularly rough calculation, it’s an interesting concept:

Scandinavia is notoriously expensive, but while Oslo and Copenhagen are still two of the worst, Stockholm has dropped a bit recently. However, Sweden is generally still considered pricey, but it (along with the rest of Scandinavia) does have a great quality of living index.

Of the BIG cities, I think you might have the best luck in Germany. There are quite a few large cities, and while they still made Mercer’s top 50, they’re near the bottom.

In terms of “big city feel,” I think Brussels has the most with that bustling modern cosmopolitan atmosphere. Milan has a lot of “city feel” as well, but it’s another one that’s way up there in cost of living. One place I would suggest would be The Hague. While it’s not huge, it still has a sizable population and definitely has the atmosphere of a modern city.

Where is the best place to advertise selling our small biz (internet cafe, philippines) online for free?

Where is the best place to advertise selling our small biz (internet cafe, philippines) online for free or?
minimum rate? We would prefer attracting buyer from outside the country (usually married to a filipina) who may like to retire or semi-retire and have an enjoyable small businesss going in a pleasant environment.

I suggest that you try ebay for starters. It will help.

What is the Best country to live in for Homeschoolers?

Obviously, lax laws aren't ALL that matters. Homeschoolers also need:

-Moderate to large population for community
-Religious freedom, many practice religion at home
-To be recognized as graduates
-Good internet access and libraries

Answers appreciated!

Many countries have the options to home school, in a lot of countries it is still a normal every day practice, and a brick and mortar school is often the exception.

I was born and raised in Europe, and even though some European countries are finally seeing the value of alternative education, I feel that here in the United States it is a most viable option and legal in all 50 states.
Some states even have it written into their state Constitution.

Home school graduates are recognized all over, and have proved to be well educated, and successful.

Home school freedoms are not to be taken for granted though, and as mainstream as this alternative form of education has become it is still not safe from misinformed legislators who together with teacher unions are always prepared to either limit, or try to eliminate home schooling all together.