Who do people complain about the country they live in 24/7 why not just leave?

If a person doesnt like a country why do they stay. You see people everyday leaving countries in africa, asia and other parts of the america's coming to the US, so why do we have people here that complain and stuff about the country if they dont like why dont they leave.

Fidel Castro told people in cuba if they dont like it leave and half the country rolled out.

Because its not that easy tp just pick up and leave. Some people want to leave but the only reason they might stay is because of their loved ones…

which english-speaking country has the best retired/elderly health, housing and general care?

Ok…to be clear I mean other than the U.S.
Has anyone actually done research on the subject?
In the past I've heard sweden, france or have state pensions or housing aid and free medical care, etc. for retirees.
or at least countries where you can get by with a low amount of money and decent care.
Seems like a decent study is in order to really line up countries by benefit reflecting respect for their elders.

Up for grabs.Canda or any European nation,but it comes at the price of freedom.USA was the best until litigation and insurance costs forced increases for premiums and deductibles.And encroaching Socialism is worsening it each year.

What countries live without “innocence until proven guilty?”?

How would it compare to Australia?

This question really requires an in-depth knowledge of every country's legal system, which is not very possible. 155 states, including some who in practice consider people guilty until proven innocent, have adopted the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which states, "Everyone charged with a criminal offence shall have the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law." That is the vast majority of the 191 member states of the UN. I don't really care to compare the two lists, but you can if you so desire.

I receive Social Security Disability, can you live in a different country for a certain period of time?

I plan to marry a women in Asia, her coustom requiers me to come their and obtain goverment documents for our marrage and go threw her marrage ceramonies. I am not sure how long this process will take.

I meet many people living in Asia on Social Security. With disability pensions.

What is your most favorite country in Europe? Would you live there or just visit it?

Mine is England, because I love London!!!!! Plz tell my you like that country, and what is so important or special about it…
sorry for the error…its spose to say..plz tell me "WHY" you like that country and what is so important or special about it

I absolutely love Italy, solely because of Rome. I stayed there for a little over a month and there is another a place on Earth that has provided better memories for me. The culture and history is fabulous and the people are SO friendly!! & of course there's wine and shopping!

Runner up is London, I've lived there part of my life.

In which countries can you just retire?

Most countries want you to have a job to be there. Are there any countries that you can go to just to retire?

A lot of Central American countries are offering retirement programs at relatively low prices. For instance, you can retire in Panama at any age if you can prove an income of $900/month (say through a pension or an annuity) and have a clean police record. If you can't do that, a deposit in BNP (National Bank of Panama) of about $125,000 will also do the trick – that too yields about the same $900/mo.

Belize, Costa Rica, and Honduras have similar programs with different levels of investing required. Some have age restrictions (45 and up). Some Caribbean islands also offer these programs, but cost about 5 times as much.

Where’s the best place to move to when you want to live the ‘country life’?

I want to live in the country because I've lived in the city my whole life. I've always been fascinated with the 19th century and just want to live a really run down life with alot of land. I know it probably sounds crazy but I've always wanted to live this way ever since I was a kid (I never dreamed of being royalty or anything). Where should I move to? Name a city in any country =) Thanks.

seriously. alabama, mississippi, south carolina, tennessee. they are so southern and slow. if are into 'country values' which you should be these are the best places. slow, cheap, land, etc… even north carolina, georgia. cant really name any cities since its the country 😉 lol. but those are great states to look into.

What are cheapest foreign countries to live?

Where is best weather in world? Where is there little crime?

how about trying the canary isalnds they have good weather all year ,its relatively cheap if you choose to live the spainish way , not a huge crime rate if you choose the right area , i would do a lot of research first before making a life changing decision just like that , good luck wherever you decide to go