Which is the best country in the world to live in if one were to teach English?

Me and my wife both graduated college, I have a BS in: Management and a TEFL certificate and 2 weeks teaching one-on-one with students. My wife is Chinese-American and has a BS in Math but no teaching experience but she did tutor while going to college. We tried China and we have had a horrible experience here so don't recommend China because if one looks Asian then according to China they cannot teach English even if they were not born in China. I'm wondering if all of Asia is like this, if one looks Asian then is it harder for them to teach English or is this just China? As for me, I am visually impaired so I would need to teach where there is not much discrimination against those with disabilities. So my question is where is the best place for us to teach English in the world and get a good salary unlike China where the pay is low and the expenses are high. We would like to return to America after a few years so we can save money but where is the best country to teach in the world?

In the USA around Texas and Arizona would be a good place. There are a lot of people here in the US that don't speak English, and descrimination because of a disability is not allowed (not saying it doesn't happen, but there are legal ways to deal with that). Not only are English teachers needed for schools, but there are many adult English classes offered.

i m goin to become italian next month and i i would like to live in europe. what country have a better economy

fi you are italian you can live in all the European Community, its does not have to be Italy only, but i would like to have a good advice about others countries !!

you can live anywhere not only italy

I’m pondering retiring outside the US for economical reasons. Which countries should I consider?

The idea is for my retirement dollars to last longer, and not having to supplement them with a part time income. I'd appreciate answers from people who did any research on the issue.
Australia has it's appeal as English speaking country, but it is too far. What I'll save on the cost of living I'll spend it on plane tickets. I have family in the US and I would like to be able to visit at least four times a year.

Australia. Hands down. Seriously Look into. There's no arguing its appeal for American retirees.

whats best country out of th U.S.A to retire?

cool weather nice people. good bang for your u.s buck

I have a friend that is very excited about Eastern Europe, especially the coastal areas of Croatia and Serbia/Montenegro along the Adriatic Sea across from Italy. It's supposed to be beautiful there with a slightly cooler than Mediterranean climate, a little cold in the winter with a very pleasant spring, summer and fall. He says the real estate is a bargain and the dollar goes a long way. He claims it's the hottest retirement haven going these days; good food, good beer, good people etc.. Might be worth checking out before the dollar dumps any further.

where’s the best country in Africa to live in/visit and why?

In Africa what is the best country to live/visit and why?

I would have to pick three… Ghana, Egypt and South Africa.

1) Ghana… because the atmosphere is livid, there are many vacation spots and cultural destinations to choose from. From the downtown city like feel in Accra to the Suburban/Rural flair of Kumasi, you won't be disappointed.
Add to this the delicious and variant foods, contagious music and sophisticated yet friendly people you can't loose.

2) Egypt… It has a rich and illustrious history that dates back to biblical times and it has a thriving modern city life that rivals London and Paris. The people of Egypt are as interesting and diverse as the fish in the sea and they all have a certain beauty that is accustomed to only them.

3) South Africa… I call it the land of many wonders. The music, the people, the food, the climate and the feel. You will be captivated by the landscapes and wildlife and mesmerised by the unique quality of South Africa from Soweto to Johannesburg to Cape Town there is much to do and much to see, you'll have to be there to understand.

I am an American who wants to live in Europe. What country would it be easiest to find a job in?

How would I also go about gettting a job?

Unless highly skilled there is no chance for you to just move & live in Europe. The other barrier for you may be language, u wont be able to settle in easily unless u speak the local language, many countries are now asking even skilled worker to first pass the language test before being granted the visa (that limits ur choice to UK & Ireland only, unless u speak other language).

Where is a good place to retire that is cheap and the medical insurance will be covered by the US BCBS?

I have good insurance blue cross..and i want to retire in another country.mexico or the philippines..will the bc bs cover me out of country? how about on a vacation:?

Typically, only in the event of an emergency. Check with them, it can depend on who you retire from… Medicare won't cover any services outside the U.S & and territories.

So, think about living in the Virgin Islands, or Puerto Rico, or The Keys… Most insurance companies will cover you there, if you have out of network benefits… (or, if my some chance, they have participating providers in that area)

I’m wondering if Nicarugua is a good country to retire to?

I've read a few web sites and know Nicarugua is a bit rough around the edges. But I'm an old farm boy and been in the military in the 70's so I've seen 'rough'.
I'm 65, living alone on SS and am looking for a bit of Adventure. … and a low COL. But I don't want to go into a foreign country without some backup, like knowing an American ex-pat who's already down there.
How would one go contacting a legit source of info from someone IN Nicaragua? Is there an organization down there that assists people in moving there?
I do NOT have any money to invest, just retire and maybe do light work part-time. I don't suppose the Nicaragua embassy or government is very helpful? Could a person actually live with a native, middle-class family there to get acclimated?
I'd probably want to rent for a few years until I found a good locality. Inland or costal is best?

Oh hell …. go for it! But be sure you take your computer to keep us informed about how you are doing. If I was going to go …. I would pick the coast, might as well go live in style in a beachfront grass hut, right? Who knows? If you are inland you just might get attacked by drug runners.

Good Luck ….. just please do not send "Wish you were here cards" to us. :-)