How old do you need to be to travel to a european country if you live in europe already?

does anyone know how old you need to b to travel to a european country like spain if you live in england

I think it is 6 weeks old before they allow you in a plane, but if you travel by ferry and car just a day old will do. You need to be accompanied by your parents, or legal guardians to travel when so young.

Oh, you want to know how old you need to be to travel alone?
I think it is either 16 or 18, when 16 you will need a proof of permission of your parents or guardian, and at 18 you are an adult and can do what you want, (within reason.)
If you are younger you will need that same proof, as well as have your parents arrange things like bringing you to the airport and have someone collect you at the other end.

And if you are not yet 18 you might need someone book you a hotel or apartment, but I think you would be alright in a hostel (proof of permission might be needed.)

Which country in all of Europe is the best to live?

If you had a choice to pick a country to spend your life in, where would it be? Which one has the best climate, people, cost of living, peacefulness, etc?

I would pick up Germany. The infrastructure is perfect, the quality of life is high, the economy is relatively strong, the people are so kind and open minded, the environment and the cultural heritage are preserved. Ok, the weather is not as nice as in the south, but when you can use your 35 days of holiday to go wherever. Besides, if you live near a hub like Frankfurt or Berlin, you can always find cheap flights for many destinations.

Best country to live in Europe?

Hi, among the below which is the best European country to live in terms of

a) earning & economy
b) vast IT job opportunities and availability of MNC's
c) cost of living (like taxation, house rent)
d) security (like immigration laws, social security)
e) life style & work culture

countries are:

And also let me know the companies there:

Switzerland. It's pwace & quiet in there, no crime, healthy climate, beautiful nature, probably also many opportunities to work. But in Switzerland I noticed terrible a huge racism against non-white ppl.

Will you have health insurance when you retire? Will this country ever need a unified Health Care system?

Most companies nowadays don't pay for Health Insurance for retirees. So when you are ready to retire and do not have company backed Health Care, will a unified system be better?

It needs health care now.